Outfit Post: Cosy Knits and a Tartan Mini

Another short outfit post from my trip to Amsterdam for you today. I’m hoping it’s one that might just inspire you to don your finest knitwear and bit o’ tartan and wander about town, hot chocolate in hand, soaking up the current festive atmosphere…

Grey roll neck, Tartan Mini, Leather Biker JAcket - The Mix and Match

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Outfit Post: Aran Jumper and Floral Slip

Leather Biker, Aran Jumper, Floral Slip Outfit

Aran Jumper over Floral Slip

Cream Aran Jumped layered,Floral Slip dress

This outfit had me snug…as a bug…in a gosh darn rug I tells ya!! Testament to the cosy factor here is the fact that I couldn’t lift my arms above my head – the true measure of how many layers you are wearing! I’m talking enough layers to ensure it takes a good ten minutes to get dressed – not always good for those of us who are perpetually running late but worth it nonetheless. I love this cream Aran jumper so much that I actually did a little victory dance when I realised the temperature had dropped just enough to warrant its chunky, insulating properties. There’s no going back no, the knitwear is firmly back in my fashion rotation!

Another positive of the cooler weather is be able to make the most of everything my overflowing wardrobe has to offer. Case in point: this floral skirt is actually a simple shift dress, bought in Forever 21 this past Autumn and featured in this post. Something that always deters me from buying dresses is that there is more often than not what you see is what you get – you wear ’em once and they are forgotten about deemed old or boring, and oft confined to the boring realm of work-wear! So I popped a belt on, purposefully tucked my jumper in and felt very smug and sartorially clever altogether…until the excess layering caused the strap on the dress to break when over enthusiastically putting on my seat belt (safety first kids!). That made the jumper more of a necessity than a styling innovation, but that is neither here nor there! Lol!

Aran Jumper, Gold statement Necklace, Leather Biker Jacket

There’s that Chandler Bing smile again! At least I have pretty lipstick to distract from my awkward grimace, eh? This one is the softest, prettiest pink from Rimmel’s Moisture Renew range, aptly named “Vintage Pink”.  I’ve been leaning towards brown smokey eyes and girly lip as of late, partly because it’s an easy, autumn worthy look and partly because, well, it’s a lot less maintenance than a bright lip and I am lazy these days!

Until next time! xx

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