Monday Mix and Match

Hurrah, I’ve actually managed to publish my Monday Mix and Match actually on a real life Monday for once! And even better, everyone’s not so favorite day is almost over… which means it’s nearly the weekend!!!! *ahem*… Feast your eyes on this week’s timely favourites including a hair volumising miracle worker, some kitsch-tastic bed sheets to brighten up that spare room and my latest book recommendation.. Enjoy!


Charles Worthington Volume and Bounce Texturising Spray

It’s not often that I post about hair products on here. This is namely because, and I’m not being overdramatic here… my hair is crap. Rarely does a shampoo, conditioner, spray, serum, or oil manage to make my locks anything other than boringly straight, flat and unmanageable. Couple all that with rampant static and you’ve a recipe for “throwing your hairbrush at the wall” levels of frustration! Basically I am the constant “before” picture in a L’Oreal advert – clearly, I am not worth it!!ha

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Outfit Post: Denim and White

New Look Leather Jacket

Fishtail Braid, White Tee and Denim Shorts

H and M T-Shirt, Denim Shorts, Simple Jewellery

Simple rings, Coral nails

Now, I know what you’re thinking – why is that girl the same colour as her t-shirt? Lol! Not that I’m generally a bronzed goddess, but I’m really trying to embrace the pale at the moment – mainly because fake tan is such an effort. Laziness, and subsequent paleness, for the win!

Keeping things sartorially simple is often the best way to go in my book, and for me, it often feels a lot cooler than piling on this season’s bold prints, colours and proportions. Originally, I’d intended on dressing my basic white t-shirt and denim shorts up with a gigantic necklace and bold lipstick, but in the end I’m glad I went with my favourite simple rings, delicate chain, and natural make-up.  It’s nice to remind yourself that you don’t always have to be brash to feel fashionable and awesome. I did however decide to up my hair game, and in a departure from my usual straight and poofy style, I attempted a fishtail braid and was quite happy with how it turned out. I’m glad I I thought outside of the box for once but this might work that bit better on longer, un-layered hair or hair with some natural texture – how I envy all you gals with body and curl in your hair!

I would say this outfit is my version of the normcore trend that’s so popular at the moment. Although it’s fast becoming the most overused term in the vocabulary of fashion, normcore, or simply dressing in average, simple clothing, is one of my favourite aspirational looks of the moment…if only I had thousands to spend on luxe camel coats, quality t-shirts and denim. Fear not, from what I’ve seen in the likes of H&M, Topshop and Zara lately, this should be an easy enough trend to achieve on high-street budget. Key items are the baggy “mom” jean, polo necks, flannel shirts, slides and long coats, in all manner of neutral colours – search the phrase on Pinterest and you will be bombarded with all of these, on achingly cool and stylish girls from all over the world. It’s a great trend too, as all of the pieces can be dressed up on days when you’re not feeling quite as, well, “normal”. The full on look is definitely not for everyone, but normcore is definitely worth some serious consideration for a cosy winter, and a wardrobe with longevity. Feast your eyes below for some inspiration!

Normcore Inspiration

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Monday Mix and Match

Hello!! Apologies for my absence of late, things have been a bit hectic. But I’m back, and all going to plan, back on a regular posting schedule, starting with my favourite type of post – my fashion, beauty and everything in between Mix and Match.

River Island Playsuit, Rimmel Salon Pro Polish, Topshop Lipstick

Wet n' Wild Matte Top Coat

Just when we thought it was safe dig out the hats and scarves, the sun made a cheeky reappearance in the Dublin skies this weekend. This playsuit from River Island hadn’t seen the light of day all summer, and combined with barely there opaques, it was the perfect option for the sunny weather that could easily turn in a matter of seconds.

I upped the bright factor with my favourite Topshop Lipstick in “Rio Rio”  (featured in my top 5 lipsticks post, which you can see here) and my go-to summer nail polish – Rimmel Salon Pro in “Hip Hop”. This coral shade goes with everything – it’s the only shade I’d ever pack for a summer holiday, and it would flatter even the palest among us. I’m loving the trend for matte nails at the moment too. I’ve recently found the hardest working product ever, a matte top coat from a beauty brand that’s relatively new to Irish shores, Wet n’ Wild. No need to buy loads of different matte nail polishes – just add one coat of this little bottle of wonder, and voila! Matte nails in an instant – click on the photo above to see my (very messy) matte nails.

Jo' Burger

In hindsight, it wasn’t my BEST idea to wear a tiny playsuit to one of my favourite burger places in Dublin, Jo’ burger. I always seem to take it as some sort of personal challenge to finish the gargantuan burgers and bucket of fries that are served up but by god, is it worth the bulging belly. Burgers, of course, have been hot property these past few years and you’d be hard pressed to flick through an Instagram feed or blog without seeing several artfully filtered pics of this trendy foodstuff. If you’re in Dublin, I highly recommend you hit up this trendy little burger mecca in Castle Market in the City Centre. And do keep in mind that they offer up a lot more daring combinations that my usual bacon and cheese too – I’m a simple girl at heart. And for the love of god, don’t go bunless! Brave that gluten ‘cos these bad boys are thee best I’ve had anywhere. Topped off with a jar of lemonade (those darn trendy hipsters!), this is the perfect Sunday pig-out spot.

Vintage 1960s 7UP Crate

I mentioned the Dublin Flea market a couple of weeks back, and this past Sunday, with the help of my partner in crime’s unrivaled haggling skills, I scored this authentic vintage 7Up crate from 1964 – delighted! I absolutely love it and have so many ideas for how to fill it. I’m thinking lots of different sized bottles with single stem flowers, but knowing me, it will change from week to week. Nothing in my apartment stays in the same place for too long! I loves pieces like this that are full of character and history,  especially when contrasted with more modern, graphic and bold items. Even though I’m only renting, I am so happy with how our little apartment is coming along and it’s starting to feel more and more like home. I’m currently saving up for a good camera, so when I’ve acquired that I will definitely do a little home tour!

Until next time my lovelies!