Street Style Competition

Khaki Parka, Miss Selfridge Denim Button Up Skirt, Black Poloneck

Hello there! I hope you are all having a lovely week and now have that incomparable Friday feeling lingering in your head! Just a quick post today – I need your help! I’ve entered the Spring Street Style competition and need your votes to potentially win a trip to New York! The look I chose features my favourite purchase so far this Spring/Summer 2015 season, my Miss Selfridge denim button through skirt, as well as my old reliable khaki parka from Primark. I recently featured the above look on The Mix and Match (read the full post here) and got a great response, so decided to take the plunge, put myself out on a limb and enter the competition!

So, if you dig my street style look, I would be so grateful if you could pop on over to the competition page and hit that little pink heart! It take two seconds and you can vote once a day until next Wednesday, 15th April. Click here to view my entry and vote!

On that note, I just have to mention that I would NEVER have even dreamed of entering a competition like this if it weren’t for the confidence and contentment that blogging has brought me, and a huge part of that is all of the support from you, my lovely readers! It really means an awful lot to me, so thanks for everything guys! 🙂

Until next time! xx

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2014 Review

Happy New Year!! I decided to take a little blogging break over Christmas to recharge my batteries completely and hopefully set myself up for some inspirational and fulfilling blogging in 2015. I hope to be back in the swing of things in the New Year, especially since I was very lucky to receive and brand new, and oh so fancy, camera for Christmas (New Year’s Resolution no. 1 – learn to use this!). For now, I thought it fitting to reflect on the amazing year that 2014 has been…

Life changed immensely in the earlier part of the year, and all for the better. First was making the move from a full time retail position to a “grown-up” 9-5 – nothing shakes up your perspective and makes you appreciate your weekends and evenings like having them both free once again! It was this leap that set in motion my absolute highlight of the year – moving out of my parents house and into a new home with my boyfriend. I’m a very independent gal and a home of my own was something I had worked and yearned for for so long.

Moving house

Let me say, this is the happiest I’ve ever looked when surrounded by mess! People are not wrong when they say moving house is one of the most stressful parts of adult life, and certainly makes you realise the amount of unnecessary “stuff” you accumulate over the years! But after three solid weeks of hard work, painting and spending all our money on pots and cutlery, we created a place that I am very very proud to call home.

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Outfit Post: Polka Dot Trousers

Denim Jacket, Graphic Tee and Polka Dot Trousers

Primark Jewellery, vintage style bag, polka dot trousers

This past summer, I conquered my deep rooted fear of a printed, tapered trousers with this printed jumpsuit, but since nothing else has quite taken my fancy enough to make a purchase. But when I saw these polka dot beauties in Penneys/Primark t’other day, my fate was sealed. Ever since I pinned this picture, I’ve been a tad obsessed with procuring a pair of dotty trousers. And whilst I doubt I will ever nail the effortless style and cool insouciance that this lady possesses in wearing her spotted pants, these ones are damn easy, and fun, to style. And only a tenner too – Penneys, you never let me down!

Of course my love of polka dots knows no bounds (as you may be able to tell if you look either side of this here rambling paragraph). It subconsciously translates into almost every aspect of my life – in decorating my home, myself and of course, my little internet space here on The Mix and Match. I’m constantly drawn to anything littered with spots! Partly owed to the fact that when it comes to styling ’em, the world is your sartorial oyster – denim, print, stripes, bright colours, earthy tones, monochrome – I dare you to name something wouldn’t look impossibly chic with a lil’ polka dot or two.

River Island Denim JAcket and Slogan Tee, Penneys Polka Dot Trousers

The shape of these trousers however was still a cause for concern as the looser fit around the bum and ankles were a far cry from my usual skinny jean safety net. And let me tell you, my shape does require any extra volume created with material! So this oversized River Island was the order of the day, helping me feel a little less self-conscious in adjusting once again to this new silhouette. It doesn’t hurt that this cover up is gloriously eighties in it’s bigger cut and acid wash. Hey, a little retro never hurt nobody (mullets and leg warmers, notwithstanding).

Topshop Lipstick in Innocent

I must not have been feeling at all myself this day as I rallied against my natural proclivity to paint my pout with red or fuchsia. Instead I opted for this, decidedly girly, pink shade – a terribly neglected tube of lipstick named “Innocent” from the fabulous Topshop range. I got this as part of an amazing Christmas set last year, which I’m hoping they will have once again! It’s honestly just so easy to wear and even nicer in the flesh, if I do say so myself!  Definitely check out what Toppers has to offer in the cosmetic department next time you’re in your local branch – I wouldn’t have a bad word to say about any product I’ve tried. From lipsticks, to blush, nail varnish and highlighter, I love it all! Have you tried any Topshop makeup products and can recommend? I would love to hear your picks!

Until next time xx

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Outfit Post: Autumn Layers

Leaves littering the ground? Sun beaming, low in the sky? Nip in the air? Check, Check, Check… Guys, I don’t mean to alarm you but grab your neglected winter woollies and the nearest cup of hot chocolate, because Autumn is here!

Autumn Leaves in Dublin

Dublin Ducks!

Topshop Tweed Coat, Primark Cable Knit Jumper and Grey Knitted Skirt

Coat – Topshop (Similar) // Jumper and Skirt – Penneys (Primark) // Necklace – H&M

Scarf – River Island (Similar) // Boots – Boohoo

Sunday was one of those perfect Dublin days…sunny and cold, with my man chum by my side. We ventured out for an afternoon jaunt in the park to admire the changing colours above out heads and under our feet. After stopping to feed the ducks, I must say we got  got a tad jealous of their gluttony and ambled in the direction of the nearest cosy pub for a most romantic…carvery. As I said on my Twitter, the heart wants what it wants… and a hungover head wants a gigantic roast even more!

Autumn Layers

Textures and Layers - Primark Skirt and Jumper, Topshop Coat, River Island Scarf

It was also a day that I decided, if I was going to fully commit to winter dressing from then on, I may as well go hell for leather…or wool to be more precise. I must say, I am quite content to pile more and more layers on as the weeks fly by and the air gets that bit crisper. Hence, my slightly Michelin Man-esque proportions in these photos…swathes of wool and a cocoon coat will do that to a girl. But I just adore the mix of textures here – the fine knit of the skirt; the oversized and chunky cable knit jumper and the grainy, knobbly material of this tweed Topshop coat. The coat itself is from two seasons ago, which speaks volumes about the benefit of investing money into outerwear (even if this was a cheeky gift from my boy!), in the fact it’s still in one piece and looks as relevant as ever in the grand scheme of this season’s coat styles. It also came with an utterly over the top, fabulous, detachable fur collar, one which I must root out of the ether on my next trip to my mammy’s house – perfect for adding that touch of old school glamour.

Lace detail on Primark Grey Knitted Skirt

The lace trim on this knitted skirt is a lovely finishing touch, and a nice nod to the slip style dresses that are so popular at the moment. I featured both it, and the jumper, in a recent Mix and Match post, so it seemed a natural progression to pair the two together. And with a subtle “half-tuck”, I think the proportions of this oversized knit and rather fitted skirt work really well together, particularly when the basic motivation to get dressed and leave the house was a gigantic feed – the forgiving waistband and cosy coverup was darn tootin’ good idea! I just absolutely love this this time of year…now, can someone remind me of all this seasonal enthusiasm when I’m moaning about my inevitably soggy socks and runny nose come January? Please and thanks!

I’d love to know what your idea of a perfect Sunday is, outfit and all – do let me know in the comments!

Until next time! xx

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