Monday Mix and Match

Happy Monday Tuesday everyone! Slightly late with this week’s favourites but what with the Easter weekend and the gloriously sunny bank holiday Monday, this is technically the first day of the week, isn’t it? Excuses aside, I hope everyone had a lovely, relaxing and chocolate filled weekend – I know I certainly stuffed myself to bursting with eggs (a fact I was majorly paying for at boot camp this evening…#shweatin)

This week, my favourites include an affordable skincare update, a healthy midweek dinner recipe and even a snazzy outfit change for my phone! I hope you enjoy!


Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water for Combination and Sensitive Skin

Micellar waters are, without doubt, thee trendiest way to clean your face at the moment. Brought into the spotlight by the infamously unattainable Bioderma version and used by every make-up artist and beauty buff worth their salt, practically all of the high-street brands hav now released their own version. This is definitely good news for those of us who don’t manage regular visits to Paris for a Bioderma fix, and even better, there are varieties to suit every budget.

Garnier has been a skincare stalwart for me, since the early days of trying desperately to clear up teenage pimples and removing blue mascara or sparkly pink lipgloss and more recently, I’m loving their bodycare products and find myself buying the body lotion and anti-cellulite oil again and again.  I chose Garnier Micellar Water as my first step into the world of cleansing waters and so far, I’m impressed. I picked up the version made for sensitive and combination skin, and with a complexion that could most certainly be described as having both of these delightful traits, it worked a treat in removing make-up without irritation. I was quite apprehensive that this would make my skin feel tight and dried out – the same feeling you get from those alcohol ridden face wipes we all know and love at 3am after a night on the tiles! However, I was pleasantly surprised – this left my skin feeling so fresh and so cleeean! I do prefer a creamy formula for deep cleansing but the micellar water is really great as part of a two step clean, helping to remove every last scrap of make-up (including stubborn liner and mascara), leaving skin squeaky clean and bright as a button. The Garnier Micellar Water is currently on special in Boots at only €4.19 – stock up while you can, it would be well worth it!


Primark Pineapple iPhone Case

Can a phone cover be described as fashion? Well this one is fabulous and has pineapples on, which is fashuun enough for me! I’ll admit, I’m not exactly down with the cool kids when it comes to mobile technology – you’re looking at a two year old iPhone 4s with broken WiFi connection, malfunctioning audio input and a blurry camera (basically, a bloggers worst nightmare of a phone). Therefore, I need a bit of style over substance, and luckily managed to find a cover for a 4s in Primark recently. For those of you who are a bit more “2015”, they do have this for iPhone 5 and 6 too – tropically fabulous phones for all!


Easy, Tasty and Healthy Midweek meal - Quinoa with Fresh Vegetable and Grilled Halloumi

I’ll level with you all – I love eating, and hate cooking! I would much rather go to a restaurant than slave over the oven all day, or for any length of time really – and I bet a lot of you are the same! But of course, that’s really not practical for the most part, both health and budget wise. To that end, I am on a mission to build up a repertoire of recipes that are quick and easy to make, healthy and tasty. This is my latest go-to in the kitchen – halloumi cheese with vegetable quinoa, and of course, a big ol’ salad. You know you are onto a winner when you cook the same thing three nights in a row anyway! This is a simple and adjustable recipe that take fifteen minutes to knock together, will keep you full all evening and is vegetarian too. Quinoa is a tasty and protein packed alternative to rice or pasta, and it certainly helps that halloumi is, without exaggeration, the king amongst cheeses (I take my cheese seriously..).

This really is a throw it together, no-recipe, recipe First, rinse your quinoa, pop into boiling water and cook for fifteen minutes, until all of the water is absorbed or follow the instructions on the packet. I also like to throw in a quarter of a stock cube as well for flavour. You can combine the quinoa with any vegetables you like – I add frozen peas and corn when it’s about three minutes away from being cooked. You can also cook up some pepper and spring onions on the pan with your halloumi to mix into the quinoa when cooked.

While your quinoa is cooking, slice up your halloumi and cook it on a griddle pan, no need for any oil, and flip after about three minutes, or when the other side is cooked. Dress the quinoa and veg mix with a small amount of olive oil, smoked paprika, salt and pepper. Then pile onto a plate, add your green salad and top with the halloumi. See what I mean? Easy as anything and nothing too terrible in there (although, maybe don’t eat halloumi every night of the week!). Let me know if you try this, or even better if you have any healthy and easy to make recipes yourself, I would love to try them!

Until next time! xx

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6 thoughts on “Monday Mix and Match

  1. What a great post, your pictures are gorgeous! We’ve been loving your posts recently and have decided to nominate you for the Versatile Blogger Award! All the information is in our latest post and don’t forget to let us know if you do it!
    Gem and Jo.

    • Hi Gem and Jo! Thanks so much for your kind words and the nomination! Will try my best to pop something up and will most certainly let you know! Loved reading your post too! 😀 xx

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