Monday Mix and Match

Happy Monday y’all! It being the day before pay day for a lot of people, this week’s Mix and Match has an affordable theme running throughout and features my favourite ways to brighten up my day or treat myself when on a budget. Enjoy!


Seventeen Stay Pout Lipstick in Just a Fling - Mac Dupe

It’s a sure sign that ladies love their lipstick that when the recession hit, sales of the stuff continuously soared. I for one am living proof of this phenomenon – when those Topshop boots or suede jacket seem so very out of reach, I, without fail, hit the lipstick counters hard. Further proof, in the fact I now own about fifty lip products – sticks, pencils, lacquers, glosses, the works! I’m always looking to add to my collection, and who can blame me? Nothing beats the glamourising power of a strong red shade, the fun factor of a fuchsia pink stain, a sultry, sexy nude lip or the fun of collecting every shade in between.

Seventeen is without doubt my favourite affordable make-up brand, and having repurchased this lipstick three times now, I think it’s safe to say – it’s a keeper. A dead ringer for my much loved Mac “Kinda Sexy” shade, this shade is named “Just a Fling” and is part of the Stay Pout range by Seventeen. It’s a beautiful and natural, peachy toned  lipstick, with a texture that sits nicely between matte and moisturising. This is a nude that’s brightens the complexion and defines the lips, rather than making them fade into the skin. I find it to be an especially good choice for fairer skinned ladies like myself, as the lips syand out rather than looking washed out (no-one looks good with the foundation on the lips look!). At only €5.69, it most certainly won’t break the bank either!


Primark Spa Water Scented Candle - Affordable Home Buy

Of late, my penchant for scented candles has gone by the wayside, with my finances mainly  being allocated to more boring, grown=up things. You know, like “bills” and “feeding myself”. A fancy candle just seems like the ultimate unnecessary indulgence at times – although my birthday is coming up soon… *cough* DIPTYQUE *cough*…

Fortunately, and unsurprisingly, it’s Penneys/Primark to the rescue, with their utterly gorgeous range of scented candles for the princely sum of €2 each. Now what excuse would you have not to indulge, I ask? This Spa Water scent would make the dingiest of bathrooms feel relaxing and glamorous (particularly good if you live with a boy!!). Primark have a seriously good selection of these candles in all colours and scents in their current homeware collection, I want them all!


Tesco Finest Swiss Dark Chocolate with Orange and Almonds

I could hardly do an affordable pick me up selection without featuring chocolate now, could I? Of course, I love me a good share size bar of Dairy Milk every now and again, but I’ve recently discovered this Tesco Finest Dark Chocolate, Orange and Almond bar that is absolutely dee-licious and perfect for when you want something tasty, that’s ever so slightly more virtuous more than it’s sugary counterparts. Of course, dark chocolate is often cited as the healthier way to treat yourself, but sometimes I think it can get a little boring and bitter. Well Tesco Finest range lured me in with their promise of intense indulgent orange flavour and nutty crunch and they did not disappoint. This is definitely my new favourite accompaniment to a cup of builder’s tea (or herbal, if I’m feeling vaguely healthy and smug..).

Plus, just look at that beautiful packaging! What’s inside is just as gorgeous, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t buy this the first time round solely due to it’s aesthetic… you know, for kitchen display purposes…

So that’s a less than tenner for all of this week’s favourites – not too shabby, me thinks! That’s most certainly enough to put a smile on my face anyway. How about you? I’d love to hear your favourite affordable treats or pre-payday pick me ups in the comments below!

Until next time! xx

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