Outfit Post: Denim Button Up Skirt, Khaki Parka and Black Polo Neck

Khaki Parka, Miss Selfridge Denim Button Up Skirt, Black Poloneck, Tartan Scarf

This season’s fondness for seventies favourite, the button through skirt and the utility staple, the khaki parka are the perfect foil for a wardrobe transitioning from Winter to Summer…

Ah, transitional dressing, that omnipresent fashuun term is knocking about the internet a lot these days, isn’t it? Given that we are currently hurtling towards everyone’s favourite Sunday lie-in ruiner, daylight savings time, it’s no surprise. It means the season of bright evenings and warm temperatures (man, I cannot wait for those two days of sunshine in Dublin this summer…) is nearly upon us. I say nearly with great emphasis. At the moment, it is damn cold and not even remotely spring, never mind summer, like. But of course even the faintest hint of the sun’s rays is enough to send people into a vitamin D deprived frenzy. Seriously, people must have broken their necks clambering up to the attic to search for that dusty bag labelled “summer clothes” last weekend… temperatures hit the ten degree mark and you couldn’t move for the sea of shorts and plimsolls that besieged my local park (gentlemen of North County Dublin, what is with the plimsolls?). But this begs the question: until the sun becomes a regular influence on our sartorial choices, what the hell do we wear?!

Well, as a girl who’s mood is ironically more indecisive than the weather, transitional dressing is the bane of my life. Give me one season – I will truss myself up good and proper to suit! Give me four in one day? Well, that’s cause for a melt down to the background of a bed covered in clothes and a boyfriend who’s been waiting to leave for a brunch – that now may as well count as dinner – for the best part of an hour. When it comes to trans-seasonal fashion, I’m a gal who loves wearing clothes, but hates getting dressed. I’m ranting! Guess what? I went on my holidays to Mayo with my tiny “weekend away” suitcase (I never learn) and it was occasionally sunny but cold, then grey, then windy, then sunny as heck – and look! I managed to get dressed!…

Khaki Parka, Miss Selfridge Denim Button Up Skirt, Black Poloneck,Khaki Parka, Miss Selfridge Denim Button Up Skirt, Black Poloneck Seventies Trend: Miss Selfridge Denim Button Up Skirt, Black Poloneck, River Island Black Boots

Khaki Parka – Primark/Penneys (Similar here)

Poloneck – Primark/Penneys

Denim Button Through Skirt – Miss Selfridge

Black Ankle Boots – River Island


Now you might say a polo-neck is probably the least transitional item in fashion, and you know what? You’d be right! These are for cold days and cold days only. Who hasn’t suffered the sweaty necked fate of a cold day combined with office heating?! But they are just so darn chic, and of course fantastic for when, like mine, your day consists of chasing sheep around a bog in Mayo trying to get a selfie (To the detriment of my Instagram…I did not succeed). What is worthy of the term “transitional” is this so Spring/Summer 15 it hurts button up denim skirt from Miss Selfridge. You might recall my desperation to find such a skirt after purchasing it’s tan suede cousin recently, and Miss Selfridge delivered with aplomb. And I would expect nothing less from a store that is delivering so much Seventies style goodness this season – seriously, suede, fringing, cheesecloth, oh my!

Then there’s the question of outerwear: do we cling on to our heavy coats or embrace (and freeze) in Spring/Summer’s latest offerings? Well, luckily enough the khaki parka is perennial favourite, and perfect for layering up to suit the day’s temperature. This style ain’t going nowhere for the next six months, that’s for sure and at the moment, they are everywhere, high street and high end. I have this Penneys version since last year and it goes..with..errrythang! Some version of a khaki parka is definitely one to invest in, out of all the outerwear trends filling the shops at the moment.

Pairing warm winter favourites with new season goodies is, in my opinion, the formula for clothing oneself in that awkward time between Winter and Summer weather – looking au courant without losing an appendage to the cold is generally my aim when getting dressed anyway, so it works for me!

What do you think? How are you tackling transitional dressing?

Until next time! xx

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