Monday Mix and Match

Hey guys! Apologies for my absence over the last while – a week’s holidays followed by a nasty ol’ vomiting bug meant spending hours at the laptop were the last things on my mind over the last two weeks! But I’m back and ready for action with this slightly more lifestyle orientated post. I’m sharing my latest favourites including a make-up bag beauty staple, a book recommendation and a little bit about my holidays to Ireland (exotic, I know!). Enjoy!


Seventeen Miracle Matte Pressed Powder - ReviewSeventeen Miracle Matte Pressed Powder Mirror Compact Review

The looooong stretch to payday is in full swing now but as Murphy’s law would have it, all of my make-up essentials ran out at once (why does this ALWAYS happen – just me?). So off I toddled to Boots to pick up my beauty staples, figuring it was my chance to try some new products while I was at it. And if course, I dived head first into the Seventeen stand, and came away with this Miracle Matte Pressed Powder for just over a fiver. Boots own brand, Seventeen, is always a winner when you’re on a budget with really affordable prices throughout the range and products that never scrimp on quality.

I’m trying to cut down on my dependence on powder, I’ll admit, as too heavy a hand can often give a mask like, flat look to the face. But my oily and patchy skin is having none of it and so some shine control is definitely necessary in my make-up routine. What I love about the Miracle Matte is that it’s really light, and sets your make-up for the day, yet doesn’t cake. I particularly noticed the difference when, after three hours of dancing the other day, my make-up still felt quite fresh! It also has every gal’s favourite feature – a compact mirror! This combined with the pressed formula makes for the perfect handbag essential, perfect for carting with you to work or out on the town.

I know powder can be a love or loathe kinda product so is be really interested to hear – are you guys dependent on your pressed powder or would you happily go without it in your makeup routine?


Dark Places by Gillian Flynn, Book Review

When I bought my latest read, The Girl on the Train, I must have been in a crime fiction frame of mind, also picking up Dark Places, written by she of Gone Girl fame, Gillian Flynn. I’m a big fan of Flynn’s writing, this being my third foray into her work (I have of course read Gone Girl, loved it, and subsequently devoured her debut novel, Sharp Objects). Flynn’s writing, and the tone to all three books, is quite macabre and full to the brim with tension and suspense. She creates characters that are deeply unlikeable, real love to hate ’em kind of people and above all, is the master of the literary twist.

The book follows the story of  the protagonist, Libby Day, a caustic and unpleasant woman who you somehow come to root for – something Flynn has quite the knack for. The tale switches between the the present day and 1985, the time of the murder of Libby’s mother and two sisters, a crime which her 15 year old brother, Ben, went to prison for after Libby’s testimony at the age of seven. The momentum and suspense this alternating perspective creates is unparalleled. Dark Places takes on shocking subject matter from the outset, and is a very intense read, but as the story unfolds you can do anything but tear your eyes away from the pages. All of this is what marks Gillian Flynn out as one of the most wonderful storytellers and compelling crime writers out there today.

Have you read Dark Places? If you’re a fan of Gone Girl, or indeed crime fiction I would definitely recommend picking up a copy!


The Ice House, Ballina, County Mayo

As I mentioned, myself and my man friend make the three hour car journey from Dublin to Mayo last week for a relaxing two night stay out Wesht. We were lucky enough to have a voucher for the Ireland’s Blue Book and chose the ultra modern and chic Ice House hotel, located just outside of Ballina. Unsurprisingly for March (or any time if the year really), the weather was dreary and grey and remained that way for out entire stay. All the more reason to lounge around drinking wine we said… so we did! And my gosh, did the Ice House provide for said lounging. As you can see above, we had a beautiful riverside suite. I don’t think there I’ve come across a more relaxingly hypnotic view from a hotel room – watching the river Moy flow right past our floor to ceiling windows from the most ridiculously comfortable king size bed, it felt like we could have actually been floating. It’s a view I don’t think you could ever get tired of, especially when you are nerds like us, shouting “oh look at THAT giant bird” every few minutes…. Nature enthusiasm aside, the Ice House also has the most wonderful spa facilities (outdoor sauna and relaxation rooms, helloooo!) and the restaurant is one of the best I’ve eaten in. Follow up with a tipple from the extensive cocktail menu too, and I can guarantee you wouldn’t be disappointed!

Wild Atlantic Way along the Mayo Coast, West of IrelandBeach in Enniscrone CountySligo, The Wild Atlantic Way, Travel in Ireland

We even managed to drag our lazy butts out of bed to go and explore the surrounding area. The Mayo coast encompasses part of the Wild Atlantic Way and is, simply put: breathtaking. The battering waves of the Atlantic are quite something, especially to those of us used to the altogether more placid waters of the Irish Sea. Nature nerd alert again: there are cliffs, sea stacks, fields and sheep galore! We drove along the coast and through the bogs for the best part of two hours and I loved every second. We even ventured in the other direction to Inniscrone in County Sligo and sat on a secluded beach listening to the waves crash for an age… aaaand then I couldn’t feel my toes anymore, as is always the risk on this here island!

Sheep on the West Coast of Ireland - Travel Inspiration

This picture pretty much sums up our drive really – uber trendy dip dyed sheep everywhere! Mayo, I will be back.

Until next time! xx

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