Monday Mix and Match

Another week, another Monday Mix and Match*….*disclaimer: it may or not actually be Wednesday… My bad! As they say, life gets on the way and with a full time job, dance classes and family commitments, every so often something has got to give! But hopefully you are all having a happy and not too busy hump day! If you do, take a moment or two for yourself, take some time out with a cuppa and have a read of my favourites in beauty, fashion and homewares for this week! It might even inspire a purchase or two for this coming payday weekend (can I get a hallelujah!!)…


Rimmel Scandaleyes Nude Kohl Liner - The secret to brighter eyes

I have found the secret to wide and bright eyes and no, it’s not a full eight hours sleep a night… ain’t nobody got time for that! Although if you DO manage to have time for that, please tell me your secret! But anyway, this tip is that bit easier to achieve you’ll be glad to hear. My newest beauty secret? Nude… eyeliner. More specifically Rimmel Scandal Eyes Waterproof Kohl Liner in Nude.

Seriously how did I live without this before now? For year I’ve harnessed the number one beauty column tip of a smidgeon of  shimmery white shadow at the tear duct, but ladies, this is a whole ‘nother kettle of fish!  My eyes look consistently tired, with bags being a maaaajor annoyance on a dily basis. I’ve been trying to find the perfect makeup combination to counteract this for the last number of years (I’m gettng old!) and this eyeliner brings me one step closer!  This bargain kohl liner is the absolute cherry on top of my current favourite Seventeen Phwoarr Paint Concealer, and I’m being totally honest when I say it makes a HUGE difference. It takes two seconds to line your water line, and voila – bright eyes and bushy tailed for little time and little money. What about you guys, have you tried nude eyeliner?


Primark SS15 Tan Lace Up Gladiator Sandals

Continuing my recent theme of “things I can’t wear for another five months”, I’m back with a most inappropriate purchase for the freezing cold, generally miserable weather we are having in Ireland at the moment weekend – (it was literally snowing out and I bought these tan lace up gladiator sandals from Penneys… #fashionlogic. Inappropriate but oh so Spring Summer 2015 I might add! Of course it was the usual Penneys procedure: sauntering in of a Saturday to buy some work clothes,…and naturally emerging with these sandals, a 5-pack of rings, a phone cover and a pyjamas set – gonna look so fly in my fleece in the office! But visions of tanned of limb, floaty of blouse Chloe gals sends all reason and any thoughts of sensible, grown up trousers packing. These shoes didn’t stand a chance of staying on the shelf, particularly with their not so Chloe price tag of 13 quid. Now if that cold, wet stuff falling from the sky would cease and desist so I can wear my new sandals, I’d really appreciate it…


Primark Home SS15 - Grey Chevron Print Frame

Another doozy from Penneys/Primark – Spring Summer 2015 is definitely thee best season for homewares to date in Primark, don’t ya think? Now, I don’t know how likely I was to find work clothes in the homewares department, but it was worth the distraction to find this little gem of a frame amongst the new collection, and at just €3, how could I resist adding to my collection of frames. Or more specifically, my collection of frames with nothing in them. I loved chevron print and the smokey grey colour (two trends we’ll be seeing a lot more of in home design in the coming months) but had nothing hanging lying around at home to fill it with (I WILL get all those photos printed some day soon!). So, I was inspired to get arty and draw a little something to fill it for the time being! On that note, if anyone has any recommendations for online haunts for prints, I would love to hear em! I’m keen to broaden my horizons on Etsy and the like, so would love to hear your suggestions in the comments below!

Until next time! Xx

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