Monday Mix and Match

Hey y’all, happy Monday! I for one am happy to see the start of a new week – I was stuck at home last week with the flu and now I’m so busy and ready to get productive, kick ass, take names, etc etc! So to kick off, here’s my first blog post of the week, my usual mix and match of favourites in beauty, home and fashion! Enjoy!


Seventeen Skin Wow Three Way Highlighter ReviewSeventeen Skin Wow Three Way Highlighter Swatch and Review

So my mind feels ready to take the world on but my skin? Not so much, Eating comfort foods, missing out in exercise and fresh air whilst ill means my complexion is currently dfull as dish water and although I’m back on track to fitting these things into a busy schedule, I need a little beauty intervention – and I think I’ve found just the ticket in Seventeen’s Skin Wow Three Way Highlighter.

I won’t beat around the bush here, I have serious love for this product guys. It’s only €7.59 and could potentially be a very convincing dupe for the much loved Mac Strobe Cream. Best if all it’s three products in one – a primer for under foundation, a illuminator to add to your base and a highlighter for cheeks, brown bones, nose, collarbones, all the places!! Here’s the kicker, it actually delivers as all three…again, for €7.59!! The Seventeen brand has gone from strength to strength in recent times, with it’s gorgeous new packaging, wide and varied range and, most importantly, the fantastic quality of the products themselves. Seventeen is no longer just the go to for 13 year old girls in need of a new shade of blue for their kids (we’ve aaaall been there), but a serious contender amongst the big budget beauty brands. I currently have their Brow’s That brow kit, Phwoarr Paint concealer and the Gel Colour Nail Polish on constant rotation in my make-up bag, and Skin Glow comes close to topping em all! I’ve been using it as both a primer and a highlighter – I need all the glow I can get right now! As a primer, it keeps your base in place and gives a luminous glow from within, and as a highlighter it could seriously rival my favourite Topshop Glow Pot. As you can see, it has a liquid formula with a push dispenser giving just the right amount for highlighting the cheekbones with one pump. It;s a lovely pinky, pearlescent tone that would suit most skin tones. This is definitely my bargain of the year so far – have you tried it?


interior Inspiration - Artifical Peony and Copper Candlestick - Avoca HomewaresArtifical Peony and Copper Candlestick - Avoca Homeware

Hands up who can’t wait for peony season? I’m slightly obsessed with flowers and peonies are definitely one of my favourites – for the Instagram snaps alone, I cannot wait until they are back in florists. I spotted this artificial stem in Avoca on my recent trip for brunch and couldn’t resist – artificial flowers can tread a line between elegant and tacky, but the pale shade and delicate materials of this one are definitely to my taste and at a fiver, it’s a good way to be ahead of the prettiness overload sure to flood our IG accounts this spring. It also helps that they look so pretty with my other homeware obsession (a girls is entitled to many aesthetic obsessions, ok!)… copper! I reckon I share this particular with most of the population of the blogosphere at the moment – copper tines are all over blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, everywhere and it’s only adding to my lust. This copper candlestick is also from Avoca and my first foray into rosey gold tones – I love it! I definitely want to build up my collection – H&M Home is most certainly leading the way in desirable copper accessories, but unfortunately they don’t ship to Ireland (Waaaaah, I want it aalll! :(). So next on the agenda is a free Saturday, a can of Rustoleum’s finest and just about anything spray-able I can get my hands on – don’t leave anything lying around in my house, that’s all I’ll say! Anyone else lovin’ the copper trend at the moment?

Unfortunately I’ve no updates in food or fashion this week – this was about all I could fit in in between sneezing! But if you’re only half way through your cuppa, do check out my latest outfit post and a recipe for easy peasy chilli with homemade guacamole for tonight’s dinner. And as always, thanks for reading!

Until next time! xx

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