DIY: Easy and Personalised Valentine’s Day Gift

Anyone out there who’s been caught short of a Valentine’s Gift today, and need a last minute gift for your love, look no further – I’ve got your back! Now, myself and the boyfriend never make a huge deal of Valentine’s Day (although he has learned the hard way that a card is required…), but it’s always nice to mark the occasion with something thoughtful. Generally this would involve one of the usual boring “man gifts” – there’s only so much you can get them, isn’t there? Well normally, I’d pop into Topman or River Island to get some novelty heart socks or a car air freshener, or something exciting like that..but a nasty flu has me confined to my house this week (so…bored) and desperate times call for desperately creative measures. With a little help from the ever reliable Pinterest, and my craft box (yes, I am a ninety year old woman), I put together this simple and thoughtful DIY Date Jar..

DIY Valentines Gift - Date Jar, The Mix and Match Blog

All you’ll need is:

  •  A jar of any size or shape (mine is a milk bottle style from Ikea)
  • Craft paper, any colour, texture or pattern you like
  • A pen/marker/pencil
  • Any old twine or ribbon you’ve got lying around – if you don’t hoard bits of old string like moi, head to your local Tiger and have at it!
  • Bits and pieces for decoration

First brain storm some dates ideas – these could range from the more cliched and obvious to something a bit quirky, especially if you always end going with the safe option of dinner in the usual spot or the cinema like us.. Some of the ideas I popped in were:

  • Fish and chips at the seaside
  • Visiting a museum
  • The Guinness Storehouse (Or somewhere else equally as culturally significant in your city!)
  • Saturday/Sunday morning brunch
  • A play
  • A comedy gig
  • A bus tour of your city
  • Fancy dinner and fancy drinks (Ooh, fancy!)
  • Bowling

You’re only limited by your imagination here really, and if there’s something you’ve always wanted to do in your city but never got around to it – pop it in the jar! Althoigh I do not take any responsibility for any guys being dragged to a shopping centre at the behest of a date jar! 😉

Cut out rectangles of paper and write the dates on, in your best handwriting of course. Roll the paper up and tie with the twine or ribbon like a little scroll. Pile them up in the jar and decorate it whatever way you like – when it comes to the design and colour scheme the world is your oyster. I fashioned a label from the brown scrapbook paper, wrote my title on in pencil as fancily as I could and used some twine and wooden hearts from an old frame for decoration. Voila!

DIY Valentines Day Gift, Date Jar, The Mix and Match

Whether you’ve been in a relationship for 5 weeks, months or years, I think this is the perfect personalised and quirky gift, for gals or guys, for any occasion really! If that famous episode of Friends is anything to go by, it’ll go down better than a sock bunny anyway!

Until next time! xx

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