Beauty Review: Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation

I am on a mission to find my perfect foundation. I wear make-up every day and often have to go from desk to dance floor, so I need one that is affordable enough to be repurchased often, has heavy to medium coverage and that will last as long as I do! Three simple things, can it be that hard? In my experience… yes, yes it can! As in life, you can rarely have your cake and eat it too, but I’m darn well gonna try when it comes to base. Of course you might argue that, the fact my foundation needs to be affordable makes my other two prerequisites quite unachievable, but I reckon with the amount of competition and technological advances in make-up in recent years, budget beauty brands are upping their game to keep us fresh of face and fat of wallet. And first up for the challenge is the much lauded Healthy Mix with Serum Gel Foundation by Bourjois.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation with Serum - Review

I’ve seen this foundation mentioned by beauty bloggers and magazines numerous times, with reviews, more often than not, showering praise on its glow giving powers. My verdict? I really really like this foundation! After purchasing, I read a review that was of the opinion that people with oily skin (i.e. me) should avoid this foundation due to its serum component. It definitely feels a little oily at first, but also really light on the skin and, living up to what the back of the bottle claims, the gel formulation makes this a dream to apply and blend. Once applied, it feels like a second skin, and doesn’t feel at all “caked on”, something that is an especially desirable quality with summer on the horizon. Even after a day’s work,  it doesn’t settle into your pores and with a little bit o’ powder in the necessary places  (for me, necessary mean pretty much everywhere – damn oily complexion!), this one lasts the pace, with no patchiness or creasing.

The coverage is perhaps a tad more sheer than I’d like, but still covers any redness, evening out the complexion with ease. It’s main selling point is it’s radiance boosting properties, and I can honestly say, this foundation lives up to it’s name, giving a healthy glow to the skin! As I sit here and type this I’ve wearing my make-up for over 12 hours (gotta love applying you make-up in the dark at 7am) and if I can be so bold to say: my face doesn’t look half bad! My foundation still feels weightless and comfortable on my face, with no hint of shine or creasing.

My only complaint would be, and this is my usual complaint I hasten to add, is that even though this is the lightest shade in the range (Light Vanilla), it’s still a little bit too dark for me. I’ll admit that I am naturally paler than most, (and that’s saying a lot in Ireland), but it’s still a little annoying to have a face that looks like it belongs to a different body! The difference is subtle, though, and nothing a little bronzer on the neck can’t fix. Still, nothing has come close to the colour perfection of my other favourite, Rimmel Lasting Finish Nude in Light Porcelain, which unfortunately I find really hard to get my hands on – just me?

So, the Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation (just me, or do the names of beauty products get longer with each release?!) is a winner in nearly all respects, but is it affordable? €12.95 and a fabulous buy gals! Have you tried this foundation or any others in the Bourjois range? They a colour correcting base that I’m tempted to try next! Do let me know in the comments below what you favourite of the moment is, I am always open to suggestions!

Until next time! xx

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