Outfit Post: Cosy Knits and a Tartan Mini

Another short outfit post from my trip to Amsterdam for you today. I’m hoping it’s one that might just inspire you to don your finest knitwear and bit o’ tartan and wander about town, hot chocolate in hand, soaking up the current festive atmosphere…

Grey roll neck, Tartan Mini, Leather Biker JAcket - The Mix and Match

I can’t really decide whether I love or loathe polo-necks if I’m honest. For years I was sworn against them, but fickle is the nature of the fashion world, and where it goes I tend to subconsciously follow. Case in point the trend for Birkenstock sandals this past summer – one minute conjuring images of older tourists and their accompanying socks, next minute I’m rocking “want them, need them, have to have them” style of desperation. This is definitely the case, for me at least, when it comes to this season’s penchant for  polo-necks, or roll-necks, or whatever you want to call ’em-necks! Adding to my confusion is the fact that the first comment I received on wearing a black version with black jeans was… “you look like an architect from the nineties”…. And to be honest, I can’t 100% say I took that as an insult – as we know, the barometer of how trendy you are is usually set by how much any man in your life hates your flatforms/dungarees/harem pants…I could go on. Man-repelling, ftw!

For now anyway, my neck looks set to be nice and toasty for the next few months with about four versions taking up residence in my wardrobe recently and my beady eye firmly set a burgundy beauty from Topshop that has Christmas day written all over it. This grey knit from Penneys is gorgeously fine and lightweight, fantastic for layering and really quite chic, if I do say so myself! Bit of a nod to the nineties again with this tartan mini from New Look, purchased last year and worn to death by now. My biker jacket and boots are also from New Look and firm favourites when tasked getting dressed each morning. My bag is from Penneys and the terrible hair is courtesy of four hours sleep and a very hurried shower before check out on Amsterdam holiday…. as always, red lipstick to the rescue!

And for the last time, I promise…. isn’t Amsterdam just so pretty??

Until next time! xx


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