Outfit Post: Winter in Amsterdam

Ok, so I won’t be shutting up about my trip to Amsterdam any time soon! It was just so gorgeous, especially since we were undeniably lucky with the weather we had – dry, cold and crisp for the entire trip, save for a few foggy mornings. It made this picturesque city all the more beautiful, as well as more enjoyable and easy to explore the canal streets and the quirky design shops, cafes and bars that inhabit literally every square inch of the place. There is so much more to Amsterdam than the seedy image we hear so much about, and although it was very interesting to experience a culture that is so liberal and unique, you don’t have to venture far to find the quirkier and hidden aspects of the ‘Dam.  The whole city embodies creativity in it’s very fibre. I have a few photos and an outfit I wore to go exploring in this post, with a more detailed travel guide coming veeery soon…

And given how cold it was I decided it was the perfect opportunity to sport my jaunty new fedora and this glorious leopard print cocoon coat…

Leopard Print Cocoon Coat, Burgindy Fedora and Tartan Scarf, Wine Loafers

Perfect for skipping around the canals, being an unashamed, and really quite jolly, tourist…

Canal Bridge in AmsterdamLeopard Print Cocoon Coat, Burgindy Fedora - canla in AmsterdamHouses by the canal in Amsterdam, city breakBurgundy Fedora from Penneys/Primark

Dream wheels alert!!….

Leopard Print Cocoon Coat, Burgundy Tartan Scarf, Grey Oversized JumperLeopard Print Cocoon Coat, Burgundy Tartan Scarf, Grey Oversized Jumper

Note the “& Other Stories” bag… I’ll be sharing that little purchase soon too, but let’s just say I fell in love with the make-up range!

Amsterdam Canal ViewLeopard Cocoon Coat, Burgundy Fedora, Wine Loafers

You may have gleaned from Wednesday’s post that this coat is well, massive. Not always great when you are short of stature like me, something you may have realised from the above photos, but when it’s baltic outside all bets are off when it comes to the rules of proportion. Ditto for heeled shoes…although maybe not thee best idea to break in you new loafers on a three hour walk around a new city – I don’t think the back of my heels will ever be the same again! Yes I am that big of an eejit, but hey, these loafers are cute as heck (if ever I sounded like a stereotypical “woman”, it was right there). This coat even managed to accommodate two tops, a jumper and a fuzzy cardigan layered underneath, and with room to spare – who says I can’t be practical, eh? Yes, this is thee winter coat that my dreams are made of – basically, if it don’t feel like a warm hug on winter’s evening, frankly, I’m not interested.

I also just realised that nearly every item I’m wearing here is from Penneys/Primark too – keepin’ it thrifty yo! My coat, fedora, jumper, loafers and jeans are all recent Penneys purchases and with any luck, should still be in stores now!

As for that scenery – is it not something straight out of film? Rarely have I fallen completely head over heels with a holiday destination, and I will most certainly making a return trip to the famous Dutch city. There is so much I didn’t get to do as the four days flew by in blur, filled with a whole lotta walking and some cycling, shopping, eating and, mainly, gawping at the stylish locals and the sheer volume of bicycles (as well trying not to get run over by said bicycles). I will include all my Amsterdam highlights in my next post, so keep an eye out for that…

Until next time! xx

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14 thoughts on “Outfit Post: Winter in Amsterdam

  1. Karen are your black jeans the Tech Stretch Skinny from Penneys? They are lovely and neat! Just what I need,hate baggy knees and bum!
    Great post,you look beautiful. DYING TO READ ABOUT THE MAKE UP BRAND YOU FOUND!!!!x

    • Hey gurl, I actually don’t think they are the tech stretch, I just buy a size that I can just about squeeze into! And I had to cut the ends AND roll them up – further prove of shortness!ha

      As if I needed any more lipstick! Will share on Monday 🙂 xxx

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