Outfit Post: Comfortably Casual

I might be sliiightly cheating by calling this an outfit post but I just had to share to these photos and hey, I am technically wearing an outfit in one of them!

For as long as I can remember, Howth has been my absolute favourite place in all of Dublin. Growing up just ten minutes down the road, I have so many happy memories of walks here with my Mam, Dad, brother and sister on a Sunday. The wind put colour in our cheeks as we begged them to buy us a bag of chips to share, or even a cheeky ice-cream. Now that I’m a grown up, slightly older, it’s still the place I yearn to visit when I find myself with an empty Saturday or Sunday stretching out before me, and in a very comforting and nostalgic way, it’s always the same as it has been… the only thing that’s changed is that now, it’s my boyfriend that I badger to buy me a single of chips instead!

I’ve posted about an afternoon well spent down by the pier here, but if you care to venture a bit further, or should I say upwards, you will find some of the most spectacular views in Dublin on top of Howth Head.

Howth Head Lighthouse

Pathway on Howth Head

View of the houses on the Hill of Howth

Cropped Wine Trench, Grey Jumper, Black Jeans

Last Sunday in particular was the most beautifully clear and sunny, if a little breezy, day. Well, I use the term breezy with a touch of irony…let’s just say I’m very glad I left my snazzy fedora in the car – in a battle between that and the wind, methinks the Atlantic would have come out the victor! But in an unusual move, I did made some concessions to practicality with this ridiculously cosy grey jumper from Penneys (Primark) and, for once, some flat boots. The latter left me short in stature but without the inevitable scrapped knees or twisted ankle that a heel would have brought!

My burgundy cropped trench, a purchase from Missguided last year, has admittedly not gotten the wear it’s sheer loveliness deserves/ This is mainly because someone* got the conversion wrong, accidentally ordered it in a size too small and was too lazy to return it… (*by someone, I mean me. Case in point why I don’t shop online that much – I haven’t the brains or the patience clearly!). Because of this, you can’t actually layer much, or really anything, underneath it but just look at it’s beautiful color and mac style detailing – well worth the pinch and the fabric accumulating under your armpits, for sure! I was looking to find something similar on the Missguided website, and although I came up empty, they have the most beautiful array of of jackets and coats at the moment. I’m talkin’ faux fur fluffiness, classic trenches and camel coats that would send Kimmy K reaching for her purse – make sure you take a gander!

Karen McCourt The Mix and Match

View from Howth Head over Dublin Bay

Sun Setting on Howth Head

My man friend, being all pensive and what not!

Sunset over Howth Head

Sunset View


If not for the gale force winds that had picked up (thank god you can’t see my hair in the above photo!), I would have stayed here until the sun disappeared from view.  Even with hoards of tourists around you, it was so peaceful and utterly beautiful. I’m determined that someday, I will spend my days growing old, looking out at that view! A girl can dream but for now I’m content with whiling away the afternoon in my favourite spot! I definitely recommend you do the same if you’re in Dublin!

Until next time! xx

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