Monday Mix and Match

Another week gone by in the blink of eye, can you believe it? But that means another week’s worth of pretty things to share with you – eye shadows, boots, candles..all with a touch of glitter once again – there’s no going back now, methinks! Enjoy!


Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Stick, Wet N Wild Glitter Shadow

Rimmel Scandaleyes Bad Bronze Shadow, Wet N Wild Gold Glitter Shadow

I think my obsession with all things sparkling has well and truly been established (if you don’t believe, have a look at last week’s “Mix and Match”) and I don’t see it abating this side of New Year’s, coincidentally the glitter lovers night to shine, quite literally. Safe to say, I can’t wait for that one! This Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Stick and Wet N Wild Colour Icon Gold Glitter Shadow are my current favourite products for creating a beautiful, shimmering look on the eyes. Chubby pencil formulations are everywhere at the moment and this shadow by Rimmel is definitely one of the best I’ve tried. The shade seen here, “Bad Bronze” is anything but bad! Instead, it’s a gorgeously warm shade that retains it’s strong pigmented shade, even after blending – unlike powder shadow, it doesn’t lose any of it’s lustre or intensity when creating a soft, smokier, blended look. However, the texture of the shadow is quite dense and waxy so you definitely need a firm applicator to blend… and I find the best man for the job is the humble cotton bud, the bathroom staple of a million uses! I’ve been popping this shade onto the crease and under the eye and find it;s a foolproof way of achieving a pretty eye, every time and really makes my blue eyes pop.

Then comes the glitter – a soft brush or even finger dabbed in this Wet N Wild shadow will add just the right amount of sparkle to your eye make-up. I add this on top of my finished look, and find it goes just as well with a black or navy toned eye, as it does with the bronze! Both products are under ā‚¬6 too so you’ve no excuse to get party ready!


New Look Black Chelsea Boots

New Look Black Chelsea Ankle Boots

I don’t think I could ever have enough pairs of black ankle boots. Admittedly these are flatter than what I would normally go for, but with a four day to trip to Amsterdam fast approaching, I can envisage a lot of walking in my future – and I have learned the hard way that even the smallest of heels will have you cursing Topshop and the day you ever laid eyes on those suede boots of your dreams. So, I set aside a few euros out of my holiday budget to invest in some footwear that would keep me slightly closer to the ground. Well, thanks to New Look my budget is healthier than ever, with these dee-lightful black chelsea boots coming in at just ā‚¬30. I never thought I’d find a pair that are comfortable, good quality and with the most beautiful, leg lengthening pointed style for that price point. The latter factor is something that would always make me shy away from a flat shoe, but this pointed toe boot is a revelation! No more compromising between comfort and hiding my inherent stubbiness, wahoo! Thanks New Look!


Primark Copper Scented Candle

Penneys Bronze Scented Candle

I am absolutely loving the trend for all things copper and rose gold in home decoration at the moment – combine that with a scented candle and it’s love! This one is just ā‚¬3.50 from Penneys (Primark) Home, and although the scent isn’t actually that strong, it’s more than pretty enough to warrant a purchase! Now that it’s dark by 5pm, candles like this are a lovely way to add warmth and a rosy glow to your home…it’s certainly made blogging on this stormy evening that but more enjoyable! What I love about candles in beautiful containers like this is that once they’re finished you can clean them out and use for flowers, make-up brushes, whatever takes your fancy really! Never thought I’d see the day the day where I got so excited about recycling – I think I’m growing up! At any rate, this bargain beauty is the perfect stopgap until I find that Jo Malone in my stocking… (do keep your eyes peeled for many more hints like this in the coming weeks – I have no shame).

Until next time! xx

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5 thoughts on “Monday Mix and Match

  1. The Rimmel Scandaleyes shadow stick is one of my all time favourite products. I live in Australia though, so wet n wild products are hard to come by. Gorgeous boots and beautiful blog šŸ™‚

  2. Another FAB post! Love everything!
    The boots are gorgeous and I love how you photographed them. I may need to invest. Hard to get a good quality pair of Chelsea boots that don’t cost the earth.
    That copper candle holder is fab too! I want everything! You’re such an enabler xx

    • Haha, me? An enabler? You’re one to talk, all I’ve put on my letter to Santa is the link to your blog!!haha

      Never really loved Chelsea boots before but the pointed toe is game changer, love them so much! Thanks for your lovely words bbz! xx

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