Monday Mix and Match

Back on track with this weeks posts…although best laid plans and all that! Nevertheless here is a round-up of my  beauty, interiors and food favourites this week..


Garnier Intensive Restoring Hand Cream

This may not be thee most glamorous beauty recommendation but as someone who is cursed with constant dermatitis, a good hand cream is a must have and a handbag/desk drawer staple. After all, nothing ruins painstakingly painted nails than dry digits!  Having just finished two different products (Soap and Glory Hand Food and Nivea Nourishing Hand cream), I decided to go in search of something new. Neither of these creams impressed me in terms of the level of moisturisation and soothing that my often sore, itchy, red paws require. Both are perfectly lovely if all you want is a nice smelling lotion (in particular the Soap and Glory – the most divine scent), but when you need your hand cream to go the extra mile, I found that these just didn’t cut the mustard. Enter Garnier Intensive Restoring Hand Cream for extra dry skin– now this product will have you doing jazz hands in no time! When my dermatitis flares up, I tend to scratch my hands to pieces in my sleep (my boyfriend is always suggesting I tape mittens to my hands! Lol!), and it gets a lot worse during times of stress. I do use a prescribed cortisone cream from time to time when they get particularly bad, which you need to pair with a really heavy duty emollient – this product is perfect for this! That’s not to say it’s not great for everyday use. It would be a fabulous product to have in your desk drawer, particularly as the cold begins to creep in and the office heating wreaks havoc on your skin. This hand cream is properly nourishing and works to actually heal your dry skin, rather just making it oily and soft for an hour until it rubs off. It smells lovely too, although it sort of reminds me of the new baby smell – make of that what you will! The main aspect I like is that it doesn’t leave me feeling like I desperately need to wash my hands – it absorbs into the skin really quickly, leaving your hands feeling just the right side of soft and moisturised. And here’s where it gets real – €4.99 for 100ml. I can get on board with that! I’d be interested to know if any of you ladies use hand cream on a regular basis? Is it something you keep in your handbag to religiously apply throughout the day or a totally unnecessary indulgence?


Ikea Set of Three Cacti

Ikea Cactus in Octagon Shelf

Ikea Cacti, Candle and Gild and Cage Plate

I spy an obsession! Check my Pinterest board if you don’t believe me, but I can’t get enough of succulents and cacti. Since I moved into my apartment I realised how big a difference a little bit of greenery and nature can make to your space. Of course I am never without a couple of vases of fresh flowers dotted around the place, but I’ve discovered the joy of cultivating greenery that doesn’t need to be thrown away after a couple of days. This is of course if manage to keep my plants alive – these fingers ain’t so green, and my gardening books have been nothing more than pretty bookcase fillers up to this point! So I think cacti could be the way to go – much harder to neglect and just s’darn cute! These Ikea mini cacti come three to a packet and can be seen in just about every stylish blogger home on the internet. It seemed a tad excessive to make the hour long trek through room after room for only three little cacti (am I the only one who constantly has to remind themselves that it’s “cacti” not “cactuses”?), so naturally enough a few other trinkets fell into my trolley…and of course a slice of that almond cake could never be passed up. I don’t think I’ve ever regretted a trip to the Swedish mecca of furniture, even I do feel a little guilty for dragging my not so enthused man friend around every single little room. Nothing like a slice of the aforementioned cake and a cuppa to sweeten the deal, am I right?! More Ikea purchases to come soon too so watch out for that!


Clean Chocolate Pancakes with Raspberries and Blueberries

Healthy Chocolate Pancakes

Now I will admit to not being the most consistent when it comes to eating healthily, and my normal pancake stack would never deserve a #eatclean. But every now and again I take a notion to make something very angelic and actually use all those ridiculously expensive healthy ingredients (seriously, one trip to the health food shop – food budget blown for the month!) that take up space in my cupboards. Plus, this had chocolate in the title so it was hardly torturous to make and eat! This is a really nifty little recipe using oat flour, raw cocoa, almond milk, maple syrup and real Greek yoghurt…that bit more expense and effort but so so worth it for a yummy, yet entirely virtuous, Saturday morning. So dense with a gorgeous chocolatey flavour, these were perfect topped with fresh berries and drizzled with maple syrup – full till lunchtime, that’s for sure! I got the recipe from fantastic Irish blogger, Tar Mar – definitely one to try for all you chocolate lovers out there! I’m always on the lookout for tasty, healthy recipes so if you’re a food blogger, leave your link below!

Until next time!! xx


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