Monday Mix and Match

This is a post that’s has a whole lotta mix and match, not so much Monday – my bad! First I caught a virus, and then my computer caught a virus  – what are the chances! It definitely wasn’t conducive to timely blogging, but fear not, I’m back and as excitable as ever about all things aesthetically pleasing. Feast your eyes on this lot…


Avoca Print and Painted Duck

Now, if you’re an active member of any sort of social media platform, you won’t be able to move for the influx of motivational quotes and inspirational advice come Sunday night/Monday morning . As ridiculous and overused as I think a lot of them are…they are absolutely my guilty pleasure! Great for adorning your Instagram feed with and helping to quell “The Fear”, these are even better to have dotted around your home for some cheesy  motivation on the regular. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a sucker for a good font too,  and am currently compiling a lust worthy Etsy wishlist of all things printed and pretty. It’s a really great way to add some character and fun to your home décor and believe it or not, the print above is actually a framed greeting card that I picked up in Avoca for €3.95. Tucked into a antique gold frame I picked up in my beloved Tiger, for €3, this is definitely an idea for all you decorators on a budget – never ignore the greeting card aisle again. “Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy” – I’m trying my best anyway!


Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Stellar

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer Applicator Shape and Colour

Now this,this is a lip gloss with a difference! Don’t ask me what made me pick this product up – I’m a lipstick lover, through and through, and it’s glossy, gloopy cousin brings back far too many memories of ill-advised frosted teenage pouts (mainly my own). But I’ve heard a lot of buzz about the new Rimmel Apocalips range and so when looking for a pick me up whilst doing my grocery shopping, in the basket this went. (On a side note, whoever thought of putting cosmetic stands in supermarket aisles is an evil, marketing GENIUS – eyeshadow and blush is so much more exciting than broccoli)

To sum up, this product is billed as a “lip lacquer” rather than a straight up gloss, said to combine “the intense colour of a lipstick with a lacquer like shine”. And for me, this is exactly what it says on the tin! Nowhere near as sticky as a run of the mill lipgloss, it glides on smoothly and accurately with the tapered applicator, creating a beautifully bright punch of colour on the lips that looks as vibrant as it does moisturising. Basically, this is a nifty little two in one product that feels just lovely on the lips and has fantastic colour pay-off to boot. Unfortunately, it probably won’t withstand mealtimes and you will need a reapplication there after. However, for me this is to be expected for a product with this much moisture. I purchased in the shade number 501, “Stellar”, which is a high intensity pop of pink toned red that I absolutely love. I even wore it to work – nothing distracts from your flu-induced, zombie-esque pallor like a good, strong lip! The Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer retails at €7.95, not too hard on the pocket. I am also dying to try to matte Lip Velvet version – anyone tried this yet and can recommend?


Primark Suede  Leather style Reversible Handbag - Black

Primark Suede & Leather style Reversible Handbag - Grey

This bag is a little gem of a find. As if Penneys need to provide any more bang for your buck, they come along with this nifty little two way number. This bag can be flipped and worn in either a black or grey colour way. Mind…blown! Lol! Combined with the classic shape, mix of suede and leather style finishes and roomy pockets, this handbag is an absolute winner. It was only €11 too – perfect for my currently quite meagre budget. I’ve mentioned before that I am heading on holiday to Amsterdam at the end of November, so I am scrupulously saving my coppers for that – i.e. it might be a little quiet on the new purchase front here for the next while! I reckon this bag will perfect for wandering around, playing tourist though and hopefully I will able to find some more bargain winter wardrobe updates before my trip. And if I do, you’ll be the first to know! In the meantime, if y’all have any recommendations on places to eat, shop or see in Amsterdam, hit me up in the comments!

Until next time!! xx


10 thoughts on “Monday Mix and Match

  1. I love using greeting cards as decor. At the moment, I have three little illustrations I bought on Etsy, but they were too nice to give away so I popped them in a frame. At least if I ever get sick of them, I can send them as part of some snail mail!


    • I’m all better now, thank so much!

      You really get such a lovely finish, and I actually did end up buying the matte version recently too – so good, I would definitely recommend

      Thanks for reading! Love your blog too! 🙂

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