Monday Mix and Match

Em… HOW is it Monday again? That weekend was gone in a blink, am I right? At least I can take solace in the fact tomorrow is payday – can I get a woop woop? Here’s what’s been tickling my fancy this week….


Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick in 107

Catrice Eyeshadow Palette in All Nude, Rimmel Kate Moss 107

Another day, another brown toned eye shadow palette!  Of course I am a huge fan of everything budget beauty brand, Catrice has to offer and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! This Absolute Nude Eyeshadow Palette in All Nude is a recent impulse buy (is there any other kind when it comes to €5 palettes?), which has fast become go-to every morning. The colour pay off isn’t fantastic at first swipe, but the shades easily create a natural daytime look on the eyes, perfect for work or when you want to work a bold lip and need to keep the rest of your make-up toned down. However, you could definitely build up the colour into a more smokey, evening look, particularly as the texture has a lovely shimmer to it. A bit of time and effort is all that’s needed. This  is a great all round palette, and for the price you can’t go far wrong

This Rimmel lipstick is thee perfect berry tone for Autumn/Winter – shade number 107 from the Kate Moss Matte range . I actually only recently rediscovered this this weekend – that’s what happens when you don’t use a certain handbag for a couple of weeks! It’s really no wonder berry lips are always a huge trend for the colder months – they encompass such beautifully vibrant yet muted hues, rich without always be overtly bold and in your face. There are so many ways to work the look  – I love bitten, stained raspberry lips, a plump wine pout or full on plum, gothic glamour. The one thing I will say is that the matte texture of this particular lipstick is slightly drying and can lead to a build up on the lips, particularly if you reapply throughout the day. I would advise wiping all traces of colour away before reapplication and then you should be fine and dandy. I wore this shade with an outfit I shot yesterday too, so keep an eye out for that soon.


Penneys Black Cable Knit Jumper and Grey Knitted Skirt

Penneys Cable Knit Jumper and Lace Trim Knitted Skirt

My new rule upon entering a branch of Penneys is: if you can’t think of at least three ways to style the item, do not buy it. Not always easy when it’s the textured, multi-coloured, ten euro dress of your dreams, but those are the pieces that are likely to end up shrunken and unloved at the back of your wardrobe, too ubiquitous to be deemed chic…particularly after you spot seven other gals on a night out on the same frock. I’m hoping this new approach will not only help to save a few quid (those €3 statement necklaces and pyjamas sure can add up), but also cut down on my daily wardrobe dilemmas as well. After all, who couldn’t use a black cable knit jumper or simple grey skirt in their wardrobe? Two basics, a world of possibility. I am sold/ Now all we need is to get rid of this pesky Indian Summer – get it together Dublin, we want to wear our newly acquired winter woollies! The jumper is €10 and a really thick, natural feel wool – not in any way scratchy or plastic like some Penneys knits can be. The skirt is actually knitted which is a godsend in such a tight and light coloured skirt – infinitely more flattering than it’s lycra/jersey counterparts. It’s a bargain at €12, with good quality material and the lace trim giving an extra luxe edge too.  Both items are in stores now.


Call me cheap, or call me thrifty, but this girl loves a good upcycle. and who wouldn’t when you can go from this…

Before Picture - Flea Market Chest of Drawers

To this…

After Picture - Flea Market Chest of Drawers

Behold the wonder of a good paint job and shiny new drawer pulls! This chest is flea market find, kindly gifted to us by my boyfriend’s mam. It originally had a mirror attached which was in rather bad condition. I removed it, along with the original, dated handles and then used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Duck Egg Blue and sealed it using clear wax, also by Annie Sloan. This paint is a revelation, and a DIY-er’s best friend at that. It paints easily onto any surface you can think of, no sanding or preparation needed, and comes in the most beautiful array of soft, french country cottage inspired colours. Safe to say there a lot of things in my apartment now painted in duck egg! You can but Annie Sloan in Rua Boutique on Capel Street, or for additional and international stockists, have a gander on their website.

I wanted something a bit more quirky than your average white drawer pull, and immediately feel in love with these gold polka dot ones from UK site, Knobbles and Bobbles (safe to say, there were a few lols when that package arrived into my place of work!). I was delighted to find this site after searching high and low and to no avail in various stores. Absolutely fantastic prices, even with delivery from the UK to Ireland and the knobs are superb quality and easy to fit. I highly recommend!

I must say, there is nothing I love more than whiling away an hour (or six) on Pinterest, gathering inspiration on ways to spruce up my old shizz, or trawling flea markets and charity shops for that little fixer-upper. I just wish we had the calibre of flea markets and car boot sales in Ireland as in the UK, Paris or the States. It is getting better all the time, particularly with the likes of the Dublin Flea Market, and at the end of the day we are only a small little island, with only so many bargains floating around! However, with a bit of imagination and elbow grease, anything can become Pinterest worthy. Craft and DIY blogs make up some of my favourites at the moment, and I’m always on the lookout for new reads – if that’s you, do leave your blog link below!

That’s all for this Mix and Match folks, feel free let me know if there’s anything in particular you’d like to see in upcoming posts – I feeling particularly inspired at the moment with lots of fun ideas in the pipeline and would love to hear your thoughts on what you like to read most in this little space!

Until next time! xx


6 thoughts on “Monday Mix and Match

  1. OH GOD! Please just come and design my life! Fantastic post Karen.
    That nude palette is a great little all rounder, I may have to purchase, although I need it like a hole in the head.
    The upcycled dresser is stunning, you did a great job. Lovely shape and great character to it. Love your Knobbles and Bobbles 🙂

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