Outfit Post: Tartan and Leopard

Penneys Tartan Scarf, JEans and Grey Tee, Missguided Boots, New Look Leather Jacket

H & M Ear Cuff

I would love to say that this outfit was put together for a gig or something else that groovy young folk do on a Friday night, but in reality it was a comfortable, casual get-up, thrown on in order to head out on a desperate dash for…ice-cream. When that craving comes a-callin’, it cannot, must not, be ignored. I had cooked up a storm and decided I deserved a cone shaped reward so we set off on our eager quest. Of course we discovered that every fancy ice-cream parlor in North County Dublin had shut up shop for the evening. Devastated – a Cornetto from the local Spar is just not the same lads! Have I really just written a whole paragraph about ice-cream? At least you now know where my priorities lie!

Anyway…the fashions! It definitely wasn’t cold enough to warrant this snuggly tartan scarf but the heart wants what it wants (see ice cream rant above) and around my neck it went. I have this Penneys/Primark scarf since last year, along with several others that could easily pass as blankets (and have been used as such on the train many times – no shame). But I’m once again lusting after more in shades of navy, burgundy and forest green, with beautiful selections in Zara, River Island, and of course, good ol’ Penneys at the moment. I particularly love the look of tartan contrasted with leopard print here – as easy and as classic as black and white, but just that little bit more offbeat. It’s a good idea to keep the clash to the accessories, but if you’re feeling bold I think this leopard print belt would look great paired with jeans and check shirt. Watcha think? Would you work leopard and tartan together?

The basic tee and jeans are also from Penneys and are both perfect basic pieces for dressing up or down. And if you’ve been reading for a while you remember these Missguided snakeskin boots from my pre-payday wishlist. Well, I finally took the plunge, and man alive, do I love ’em.  All chunky heeled and textured, they are my perfect Winter boots. I have also spotted these beauts when searching for the link on the Missguided website – damn my wandering eye…into the basket they go!

Well that’s it from me this fine Friday night, have a great weekend y’all!


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