Outfit Post: Grid Lines

Leather Biker, Denim Shorts, Black Fedora

Gold Chain from Penneys

Karen McCourt - The Mix and Match

Window Pane Check Outfit

Hello lovelies! Instead of sitting around on my butt, eating junk food of a Friday night (ok, there may still be some junk involved, but that is neither here nor there!), I thought I’d hit you with an outfit I wore for a spot of shopping last weekend. This is my take on this season’s oh so popular window pane check print. Simple and monochromatic, this print is everywhere – from high street to high end shopping haunts, adorning your favourite bloggers and even in your home. Personally I don’t mind being part of a good ol’ trend and looking like human graph paper is a-ok too… just as long as there’s no maths involved.

I think the popularity of this print lies in it’s simplicity of colour way and pattern – bold enough to stand alone, yet not overly fussy so as to make clothing instantly recognisable as an “It Piece”. Nothing worse than over saturation of those bright, busy printed items that scream “You got me in Zara and so did everyone else on the Internet”.

Luckily the window pane print is akin to that of leopard or stripes in that it works well as a neutral. It could transition with ease into a wardrobe that’s full of minimalistic, clean lines and monochrome, or print, texture and colour…or both, if it’s anything like mine! The beautiful Dani of the blog Song of Style recently wore a stunning clash of geometric prints at New York Fashion Week (picture in top left hand corner, below). I love everything Dani wears but this outfit caught my eye in particular due to the clever mix of similar, yet different patterns. Definitely one to file under “Outfit Inspiration”.

But for now I’ve kept my use of this print simple, pairing my newly purchased Forever 21 tee with my trusted basics – denim shorts, a leather biker, black fedora and of course, some red lipstick.  I posted about this top nearly two months ago, and shamefully only took the tags off this past weekend. I recently read some advice that if you haven’t worn something within a week of buying it, you should return it. Now while I don’t necessarily agree with this ethos, I realised I am, without doubt, a hoarder of freshly bought, unworn clothes. Not because I don’t like or won’t ever wear the piece, but because I guiltily love the feeling of having fresh, newness waiting for me at all times in my wardrobe. Is anyone else like this or am I just weird for not wanting to wear my new threads straight away?

Anyway, enough outta me…let’s get inspired by these impeccably dressed ladies in their street style best. If they leave you wanting to try this style for yourself, head to Topshop, Zara and H&M for the best I’ve seen in window pane styles.

Window Pane Check Inspiration

All images and their links can be found on my Pinterest


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