Monday Mix and Match

I thought I’d be cheeky and leave the Monday in the title of this, for continuity’s sake of course. But of course, it is in fact Tuesday so my bad on being a little late with this one – sorry! Life gets in the way, as they say but I have a post full to the brim of fashion, beauty and fun stuff to make up for it. Grab a cuppa and enjoy!


L'Oreal Revitalift Laser Renew Eye Cream and Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer

Two new products to combat my ongoing battle with eye bags – L’Oreal Revitalift Laser Renew Eye Cream and Rimmel Wake me Up Concealer in Ivory. Nothing like blog photos to make you have a mini meltdown about your tired face – cue a determined lunchtime dash to the pharmacy and a night spent with green tea bags on my eyes (which for someone who can never sit still, was incredibly relaxing and also made me look really, really cool). I’d read about the L’Oreal eye cream in a magazine recently and by a lucky coincidence it was reduced by nearly ten euro in Boots. One major pro of this cream is the metal applicator – use it to apply the cream to the under eye area with and really feel the cooling and soothing effect. It also contains caffeine which is essential for getting rid of water retention which is usually what causes bags. Of course, part of it is down to just the way my eyes actually look. But combined with a slightly healthier diet (please disregard the brunch featured below!), and using this cream morning and night for about a week now, I can genuinely see a difference. It’s definitely a must have if, like mine, your eyes are puffier than MC Hammer’s trousers.

The Rimmel concealer was, admittedly, a panic buy – a replacement for my beloved Catrice pot of wonder, which unfortunately was out of stock just when I needed it. I’ve used the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation before, so thought I’d give the concealer option a whirl. Not as good in consistency or shade as the Catrice, for me anyway but I definitely don’t regret purchasing this. The Ivory shade is still slightly too orange for me, but used sparingly it does the trick in smoothing out the under eye area, with re-application needed every now and then.

Seventeen Gel Colour in Mint Bon Bon

Having never had actual gel nails done before, I’m not sure I’m fully qualified to comment on the quality and finish of my most recent nail polish purchase, but in my not so expert opinion – it’s awesome. This Seventeen Gel Colour in “Mint Bon Bon” creates a beautifully shiny, solid colour after two coats and not a chip to be seen after a nearly two days. That includes hanging up a load of washing and doing the dishes – the true (and oh so glamorous) barometers of the quality of a nail polish. It’s only five euro too – get thee to your nearest Boots!.


Penneys Leopard Print Runners

I made a mad dash to Penneys yesterday as I was all set to teach a dance class that evening and I realised , in my ruthless clear out when moving house, I’d thrown out all of my battered dancing runners. It worked out well though as it was an excuse to pick up these absolute beauties – leopard print and turquoise,! These trainers are nicely flexible, comfortable enough to dance in, and would definitely work well for walking too. In terms of jogging or running though, I would purchase ones with slightly more support, but these are perfect for low impact exercise and werkin’ it in dance class. Now if these don’t make me get my butt off the couch in the evenings, I don’t know what will.


Vase, Votive, Ampersand and Mirror from Tiger

Ok, so you might know by now that I love Tiger. Well my obsession isn’t going anywhere, any time soon as I picked four of my favourite bits to date for just ten euro!  I’m pretty sure my home might start to look like a branch of Tiger soon but hey, everyone needs a decorative ampersand in their life. The candle holder, the pleated vase and the teal mirror were also in the haul and are all available in the store now.


Brunch in Deja Vu, Malahide

Brioche French toast with bacon, maple syrup and a side of croissant – do I need to explain further about my love of brunch? I recently came across Déjà Vu in Malahide completely by chance when out for an evening stroll with the boyfriend – the minute we saw this on the menu, we knew where where we would be come midday the following Saturday. And thankfully, Déjà Vu did not disappoint. It is a little gem of a place and one of the better brunches I’ve had. Definitely worth a trip for a midday feast and then a stroll along the seafront to work off that extra syrup you just HAD to have…ok, maybe that was just me…

Until next time! xx


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