Autumn/Winter Shopping Edit

If, like me, you are starting to think about what pieces to invest in for the coming season, look no further. I’ve compiled my ultimate wishlist for Autumn/Winter 2014 – I’ll have one of each puh-leeease!

Autumn Winter 2014 Wishlist

Sleeveless Grey Knit – Topshop  //  Black Culottes – Topshop  

Grey Mules – River Island  //  Grey Cocoon Coat – River Island   

Ripped Mom Jeans – Topshop  //  Grey Beanie – River Island   

Lime Green Shopper – New Look  //  Black Dress – H&M  

Breton Top – H&M  //  Black Suede Court Shoes – Topshop  

Tartan Scarf – River Island  //  Long Black Coat – Zara  //  Silver Backpack – New Look

The trend for simple, classic, monochromatic looks has grown more and more popular over the last few years, rooted mainly in the fashion for the distinctly “anti-fashion” normcore aesthetic. I personally love the this off-duty, relaxed and cool normcore style, and recently posted the looks that having been shaping my dressing habits of late. That being said, I didn’t intend to create a theme when compiling this Autumn Winter Wishlist – staying true to the name of this blog I’m up for wearing pretty much anything and don’t tend to prescribe to one signature “look”. But whaddaya know, I’ve come over all sensible chosen some really cool pieces that  luckily, and most importantly, will fit in with the rest of my ‘drobe with ease.

The Outerwear

Probably the most important aspect of an Irish gal’s Winter wardrobe, I could probably fill an entire wishlist with all of the beautiful coats filling the shelves at the moment. I’ve managed to narrow down to my these two beauties which I believe to be both classic as well a son trend. The duster style of coat is huge at the moment, and this black Zara beauty offers a nice, wearable update on the style with a oh so flattering draping and a belt for some cheeky waist cinching when required. I recently picked up a dead ringer for this in Penneys too, which leaves all the more room in the budget for this grey River Island cocoon coat. It’s already been featured in too many magazines/blogs to mention and no wonder – it’s the IT shade and shape for the coming season and best of all, it won’t look dated come next year and beyond. I love a bit of fashion longevity, don’t you?

The Separates

Some might find it hard to get excited about grey wool, black crepe and denim but I for one am a sucker for these plain, hard working pieces. Both mom jeans and culottes are unfamiliar territory for me, but are two pieces I have my heart set on owning. Now that I’ve well and truly conquered the world of midi skirts, I think I’m ready to forsake my skinny jeans and try these bad boys on for style. It might just take a little bit of confidence and a whole lot of the right shoe! I’m also on a never ending quest for the perfect grey knit and Breton top – and believe me, I am willing to sacrifice myself and try a lot along the way! The two featured in my wishlist seem like a pretty good place to start, eh? I had to feature this H&M dress too – recently acquired it after drooling over it’s awesome, black midi goodness whilst doing a little pre-payday window shopping last month. The minute that money was in my account, I was handing it back over for this dress. Let me tell you, if you can wade through the work shirts and floral jersey skirts, H&M is a mecca of simple, Scandinavian style and all round awesomeness.

The Shoes

My name is Karen and I want to confess my fashion blogger shame: I never buy shoes. Before that sends you running elsewhere for your sartorial rambling, believe me I am trying to change this (I said that lie it’s really important for my personal development, but they really can make or break an outfit). When it comes to shoes, I am a constant admirer but never seem to be able to commit. More often than not, I go home empty handed (or should I say, footed). So this season I am going to bite the bullet with these black courts and grey mules the first on my hit-list. I love them but don’t be surprise if I still end up in my old black boots every weekend!

The Accessories

I haven’t included any jewellery here, although I would say it’s something I buy most often. I find that I never really fall for a piece of jewellery until I can see it and touch it so unfortunately online jewellery shopping, even of the window variety, is not for me. However I’ve found more than enough accessory options to keep me happy (and poor). Hats, scarves and bags are a great way to add colour and texture to your Winter outfits, particularly when they’re mostly comprised of your plain winter coat and black tights. I am always drawn to lime green and this shopper would be perfect for adding a bit of fun to your morning commute, as would this amaaazing silver backpack. It’s amazing, just AMAZING!! Enough said.

Shockingly enough tartan is back for A/W – who saw that one coming?! I love it though, especially when mixed with different textures and prints and this blanket scarf from River Island will do just nicely, thank you. Of course a hat is a necessity too, and who would be adverse to a marabou bobble on their boring old beanie – not me! Can I get a #cosy?

So that’s my pick of the lot! Would you add or remove anything there? Are you trying something new for Autumn winter or sticking with the classics? Would love to hear how you’re going to tackle Winter dressing!


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