Outfit Post: Transitional Style

I recently waxed lyrical about my love of midi skirts recently, so I had to share with you the one that kicked off my obsession late last year. This kind of outfit is also perfect for transitional dressing – Summer denim and floral with added warmth!

Missguided Fedora, Topshop Skirt and Boots, Penneys Denim Jacket

Missguided Fedora, Topshop Floral Midi Skirt and Boot

Penneys Aquamarine Pendant

Topshop Skirt and Boots

I was fortunate enough to indulge in a visit to London last year with my mam, and whilst I was there I picked up this floral number in that place of worship we know as: Topshop, Oxford Street. Talk about a kid in a candy store – I think I made three separate visits in my two-night trip! Safe to say, there were no pounds left in pocket on the trek home. Back on topic, whilst I love pink roses and peonies, I much prefer my floral prints dark and moody, rather than sweet and saccharine. The print emblazoned on the skirt immediately caught my eye, and lured me into trying a this daunting and different style. Turns out it was the perfect foray into mid-length territory and I haven’t looked back since. I love that it’s dark enough to wear with tights, as well as having two cheeky splits in the front for when you feel like doing an “Angelina” and showing that there’s more to you than a stumpy calf. Although, for a day to day look the slits are quite high and would leave little to the imagination when you are power walking to work – it makes wearing tights a bit more of necessity than a fashion statement!

This silhouette definitely suited a more cropped style of jacket, I find it much more flattering and proportioned when you are short, like myself. Although, when the temperature drops, I can’t say I mind donning long layers over long layers – in December/January I generally tend to look like a walking slanket to be honest! But for now , cropped and light is the way to go. This denim option was an absolute bargain in Penneys recently – at this stage it’s cost per wear is probably around the 10 cent mark, it’s never off my back. Topped off with my Missguided Fedora, and aquamarine pendant, I felt that little bit more like Stevie Nicks than usual – the dream!

On a side note, I was back in the family home for the weekend and couldn’t resist taking a few snaps in front of my Mam’s amazing turquoise shed – how cute is it??

Anyhoo, I for one am finding the ever changing weather a bit of a nightmare at the moment. In Ireland at least it’s freezing in the morning, roasting in the evening. One word: layers. How are you guys tackling transitional dressing?


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