Monday Mix and Match

That time of the week again, I am loathe to believe the weekend is gone already. The good thing is I get to share my latest buys with y’all once again. Enjoy!

Seventeen Falsifeye Mascara

Garnier Ultimate Anti-Cellulite Oil


You know when you’re mascara wand is drier than the Sahara desert, then it might be time to splash out a new tube of the black stuff. Having read about this Seventeen Falsifeye mascara in several magazines, and more recently on Bellinis and Blush, the blog of my most trusted beauty adviser and friend, Lesley, I decided I’d give this little bargain buy a whirl. I’ve been a loyal fan of Maybelline for mascara for years now, but as I’ve mentioned before, I have a number of Seventeen products in my beauty armory and am yet to be disappointed.

Now despite being pretty happy with my body 90% of time (the other 10%…don’t even talk to me), my constant hang-up is cellulite – anybody else? I’m generally very sensible when it come to beauty hall browsing and don’t tend to get drawn in by bold promises and fancy packaging, without having done some research first. However, the promise of “no more orange peel” emblazoned on a product is guaranteed to appeal to my more insecure side and send me running to the till. Oils are hot property at the moment too – for your face, your hair and now your body. I’m genuinely a big fan of Garnier body care, so I’m hoping this Ultimate Anti-Cellulite Oil will be winner, and it didn’t hurt that it’s currently on promotion in Boots for the thrifty price of €5.59. Combined with my trusty body brush, which I already use every day to firm up,  I’m hoping I’ll feel even a small difference. There’s a lot to be said for even psychologically feeling that little bit soft and smoother – although, if anyone out there can recommend a miracle cure to me, I will buy you a drink!

H and M Plaid Shirt, Penneys Jeans and Leopard Print Belt


I’ll admit, I hate buying “basic” clothes and unfortunately get a much bigger thrill in buying frivolous, flamboyant, entirely unnecessary pieces – well, no more I say! I think at this stage that both plaid and leopard print are as neutral and easy to wear as black and white, and I know I will get a huge amount of wear out of this H&M plaid shirt and Penneys leopard print belt (which handily reverses into a a plain black, crocodile textured style too).

Considering I wear jeans so much, I actually own just two pairs! I find the fit of the Penneys skinny denim excellent for my shape also, so I snapped up this grey tinted pair the other day for only €8, and can already think of so many ways to style them. At least I’ll have something to pair with my not so basic separates now!

Tiger Octagon Shelf


If you are not familiar with Tiger yet, well….good, more for me! Tiger reached Irish shores late last year and I soon realised – it is the mothership calling me home! It’s the most wonderful hybrid of Ikea and a pound shop with kooky, Scandinavian knick-knacks and homewares for absolutely bargain prices. I love that you’ll be just as likely to find a the cutest champagne glasses or quirky stationary as you are a hula skirt and a cushion shaped like a moustache (which my boyfriend recently had to PRY from my hands – what do you MEAN washing powder and food are more necessary than novelty pillows??). I popped into the branch just off Henry street yesterday, and man, the September drop is the best yet. I’m obsessed with Swedish design, which usually encompasses geometric shapes, graphic art, a neutral colour palette which overall create a simple, modern aesthetic. Unfortunately I faced some opposition when I proposed that we paint our entire apartment white, so I’m making do with Scandi style accessories, like this octagon shaped wall shelf. I definitely recommend checking out your nearest branch of Tiger – I defy you to leave without watermelon flip flops or a glittery colander!

Until next time! x


5 thoughts on “Monday Mix and Match

  1. GORGEOUS POST!! And thank you for the shout out m’dear, dying to hear what you think of the mascara. I love the Garnier body oil, look out for an upcoming blog post I have in the works including that, great minds! 🙂

    • Ah great minds indeed, that’s gas!! Can’t wait for that post now – I presume you will be posting pics of your bottom before and after yes? Lol!!

      Wearing the mascara today – not used to the thinner wand, takes a bit more time to apply to full effect but the consistency is fabulous, very happy with the lack of clumps! Good shout gurl, as always xx

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