Outfit Post: Denim and White

New Look Leather Jacket

Fishtail Braid, White Tee and Denim Shorts

H and M T-Shirt, Denim Shorts, Simple Jewellery

Simple rings, Coral nails

Now, I know what you’re thinking – why is that girl the same colour as her t-shirt? Lol! Not that I’m generally a bronzed goddess, but I’m really trying to embrace the pale at the moment – mainly because fake tan is such an effort. Laziness, and subsequent paleness, for the win!

Keeping things sartorially simple is often the best way to go in my book, and for me, it often feels a lot cooler than piling on this season’s bold prints, colours and proportions. Originally, I’d intended on dressing my basic white t-shirt and denim shorts up with a gigantic necklace and bold lipstick, but in the end I’m glad I went with my favourite simple rings, delicate chain, and natural make-up.  It’s nice to remind yourself that you don’t always have to be brash to feel fashionable and awesome. I did however decide to up my hair game, and in a departure from my usual straight and poofy style, I attempted a fishtail braid and was quite happy with how it turned out. I’m glad I I thought outside of the box for once but this might work that bit better on longer, un-layered hair or hair with some natural texture – how I envy all you gals with body and curl in your hair!

I would say this outfit is my version of the normcore trend that’s so popular at the moment. Although it’s fast becoming the most overused term in the vocabulary of fashion, normcore, or simply dressing in average, simple clothing, is one of my favourite aspirational looks of the moment…if only I had thousands to spend on luxe camel coats, quality t-shirts and denim. Fear not, from what I’ve seen in the likes of H&M, Topshop and Zara lately, this should be an easy enough trend to achieve on high-street budget. Key items are the baggy “mom” jean, polo necks, flannel shirts, slides and long coats, in all manner of neutral colours – search the phrase on Pinterest and you will be bombarded with all of these, on achingly cool and stylish girls from all over the world. It’s a great trend too, as all of the pieces can be dressed up on days when you’re not feeling quite as, well, “normal”. The full on look is definitely not for everyone, but normcore is definitely worth some serious consideration for a cosy winter, and a wardrobe with longevity. Feast your eyes below for some inspiration!

Normcore Inspiration

All images and links can be found on my Pinterest.


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