Beauty Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr Foundation

Pale gals rejoice – I’ve found an affordable foundation that doesn’t resemble a bottle of Fanta!

Rimmel Listing Finish 25hr Foundation in Light Porcelain

Having resigned myself to a life of bronzing my neck until it matches my face, or spending upwards of thirty quid per month on an every day foundation, I am delighted to have found Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr foundation in “Light Porcelain”. I’ve learned, through much trial and error (and the jawline tidemarks of my teenage years) that when it comes to base, the colour is never exactly what it says on the tin – containing the word ivory in the title of the shade is apparently just an irony. I’ve been witness to this, having used this foundation for while in the “True Ivory” shade, which was always the lightest I could find in the aisles of Boots. This shade was still too dark for my distinctly Irish hue, but I made do with it as my daily foundation for work etc. At only €8.85, it was worth the compromise, but still annoying when your bare arms look like they belong to a different face! So you can imagine my ghostly delight when I came across this paler hue last weekend and after wearing it all week, it’s cemented itself as part of my weekday make-up routine.

Like a lot of Irish gals, particularly during the summer, I like to wear a hint of tan at the weekend, and so it’s necessary to a have a foundation wardrobe, so to speak, to match the rest of my limbs at any given time. That’s why I say this Rimmel gem is my everyday go-to, as during the week I’m generally more Irish cailín than Ibiza beach babe.

This product also promises quite a lot in terms of staying power (you guessed it, 25 hours). Being honest, I wouldn’t see this as the main benefit of this product, as by the time I get home from work – two bus journeys, a day at a desk and city pollution – it does tend to look slightly patchy and worn off, although I would admit I have a habit of touching my face quite a bit throughout the day. It’s also nothing that a quick top up under the eyes and around the nose and mouth can’t fix, if you’re heading out somewhere after a long day. More often than not I take my make-up off straight away when I get home, as however fresh and light your foundation feels, I don’t think anything can withstand the city air and hour long, packed bus trip home!

I also must add that this foundation contains SPF 20, which is an excellent offering from a high street brand and cuts out the hassle of buying and applying extra sun protection.  The coverage is definitely medium, just as it promises, and I find this is perfect for my skin issues – namely uneven skin tone and redness. It still feels nice and light, and looks natural, basically a more perfected version of your own skin.

At only €8.85 as I said, this is a really great option for building your make-up look on. I was beginning to despair – spending twenty minutes on my eyes, brows and lips every morning only for the slightly orange hue of my face to ruin my hard work. This is a great budget option for the hard working, pale gals amongst you but as you probably know, when this is your natural shade, you run the risk however of constantly being asked if you are about to faint/are you unwell – a hint of light bronzer and highlighter never go amiss!

I would love to hear your foundation recommendations too guys, leave a comment below if you’ve found your “holy grail” base, or even just a really great budget, every day option that works for you!


8 thoughts on “Beauty Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr Foundation

  1. Loved the review and the pictures as well! 🙂 My ‘holy grail’ would be Rimmel’s Clean Finish Foundation. It just blends in with my face so perfectly and doesn’t feel heavy at all! 🙂

  2. Great review my love!
    Rimmel’s Wake Me Up foundation has been the best foundation I’ve used in years, loving it. They rank high in the foundation stakes!!
    Does this set to a matte finish or does it give any dewyness? xx

    • I would say it’s more matte, but I use a good bit of powder generally too because I have very oily skin!

      I use the Wake Me Up in a darker shade for my more..tanned days!ha I love it!

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