Monday Mix and Match

Hello loves, I hope y’all had a lovely weekend! Mine was a little bit quieter than usual, on the shopping front anyway, as I’ve just booked a trip away to Amsterdam!! I am hyper with excitement and would LOVE to hear your recommendations for the ‘Dam. If anyone has been/lives there – don’t be shy!

Of course it means the sheckles are now at an all time low but I did manage to have a pretty jam-packed weekend, which leads to this slightly more “lifestyle” based Mix and Match. At the end of the day, what kind of a weekend would it be without spending time with good friends and family, relaxing and eating circles around yourself? No weekend at all, that’s what!

I meant to take outfit pictures on Saturday but I had family over for dinner and ended up covered in all manner of food – cooking for ten is never going to be a calm, clean endeavour.  It was well worth it for these delicious chicken fajitas though, made using this recipe from the ever reliable Jamie Oliver. No word of a lie, the chicken was so tasty, I’ve actually bothered to cook it again on a MONDAY NIGHT – that’s how you know it must be good. I also baked it in the oven, rather than cooking on the pan as suggested in the recipe, which makes it even easier to whip up with no fuss and it still stays incredibly moist and full of flavour. Plus the smell of the lime make me feel like I’m on my holidays – win win!

Jamie Oliver Lime and Paprika Fajita Chicken

How I managed to delay eating this in order to take that photo, I couldn’t tell ya.

As I’d spent most of Saturday cooking and cleaning, I needed a dessert that would be easy to assemble but also suited the tastes of ten people – enter the Ice Cream Sundae Bar. Absolutely delicious, it went down a treat. As you can see, Pinterest has a lot to answer for! Having said that, using these vintage tea cups was borne out of necessity – it says a lot about you when you own more floral cups and saucer sets than actual bowls. I definitely recommend this “plonk it on the table, help yourself” approach to mass feeding when you next decide to play hostess (or host!).

Make your own Sundae Dessert

The next morning, myself and the fella were off to a bright and early start, heading out to the Brocante Market, in the Dublin Food Co-Operative, for a bit of a haggle and a cuppa. The Co-Op hosts four different markets during the month, including the increasingly popular Dublin Flea which I highly recommend getting your butt down to on the last Sunday of the month. It was my first visit to the Brocante Market though, which offered a great mix of furniture, bric-a-brac, books, clothes and records, the latter being thee FUNNIEST items to browse, ever. They definitely don’t make album covers like they used to – so.. many.. shirtless.. men! I fell in love with a battered old vintage radio, but clearly my haggling skills were not up to scratch and I walked away empty handed. All part of the fun though, and the window shopping, and swooning over the beautiful mid-century furniture in particular, was quite enough for me.

Brocante Market, Dublin Food Co-Op

I’d thrown on this skirt/shorts hybrid to cover the effects of the aforementioned Sundae bar the day before, along with my trusty leather jacket, and my best haggling lipstick, earlier that morning – perfect for leisurely Sunday activities, although perhap if I’d gone with a red lip I would have bagged that radio! Lol! These be-flowered, floaty shorts could be classed as vintage at this stage, I have them for years (gotta shop that wardrobe, people) and although I love my denim cut-offs, this A-line shape is ten times more flattering, and wearable, than what can generally end up being glorified denim knickers.

Topshop Lips in Brighton Rock

After that it was home to park my butt on the couch for the day, eat the leftover Sundae toppings and watch old movies – for someone who never relaxes, I think I done good! Did any of you get up to anything crazy over the weekend, or do you prefer to keep yours good n’ lazy? Do tell! And don’t forget to leave any of your Amsterdam recommendations for shopping, eating, sightseeing – I am open to any and all suggestions!


3 thoughts on “Monday Mix and Match

  1. EEK! There is so much I love about this post!
    1. The Sundae Best, how cute!!! What a great idea. Simple, yet effective. And especially great for kids (or big kids!).
    2. Where in Dublin is the Brocante Market on? It looks really cool, would love to have a browse. Any good bargains?
    3. Love your hair in a top knot, so pretty!
    4. Stunning lipstick shade in Brighton Rock. Never think of Topshop for make up, I know you’re a big fan. I shall be making a trip.

    • Aw gurl, that made me smile from ear to ear! Well first of all I’m still dreaming of that ice-cream – soooo good!

      The Brocante Market is just one of a few markets on in the Dublin Food Co-Op, Newmarket – near Cork street, in the Liberties I think! I’m not overly familiar with that area of the city, but I got driven out as per usual!ha The Dublin flea is on on the 31st of this month, which is great for a browse if nothing else – there’s a big range in prices and ya gotta haggle too! I’m still thinking about the radio I never got 😦

      Topshop make-up is the bomb diggity, I genuinely love it! Lip and nail colours are the best! Think we need a shopping date bbz! xx

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