Outfit Post – Aztec Print

Happy weekend eeerbody! I’m so glad it’s here, even if I will be spending my day cleaning my apartment – so glam. Anyhoo, a quick outfit post for your perusal. I threw on this rig-out to head out for a spot o’ window shopping last weekend – my wishlist grows ever longer, watch out for a A/W shopping post coming soon!

Forever 21 Bomber Jacket, Missguided Fedora, H&M Necklace

I should really rename this blog “50 ways to wear black jeans” – I promise I do wear other things and will endeavor to gather photograph evidence of this this weekend!

Aztec Print Forever 21 Bomber Jacket

Aztec Print

But just look at that awesome print! This Forever 21 beauty needs nothing more than casual jeans and a tee to look pulled together and just plain funkaaaay. I posted a while back about my love for printed bomber jackets, and yet actually manged to completely forget I owned this cracker. I love this graphic spin on the ubiquitous summer staple, the Aztec print. – it makes me wanna get out the markers and doodle. The unusual pops of colour – vivid turquoise, pink toned red and neon lime, combined with the hand-drawn quality of the print really makes this a proper, statement piece.

And of course, I’m never one to skimp on accessories (You may have gleaned by now that I am the exact opposite of Coco Chanel – before I leave the I add one more thing). I am a magpie when it comes any kind of fashion accoutrements, particularly jewellery.  At the moment I’m drawn to geometric, simple shapes, particularly triangles in all shapes and sizes – the horrors of Leaving Cert algebra and the words equilateral, Pythagoras and pi have been long forgotten, thankfully. H&M is always a sure bet when it comes to shiny trinkets and I snapped this necklace up without a second thought. I think it ties in well with the busy print of this jacket, without make the look entirely overwhelming.

H&M Necklace

Fossil Watch

And who knows, I might get brave and clash it with another print some day! What would you pair this bomber jacket with? Do you think more is more or is simple and pared back the way to go when it comes to styling a statement piece? I’d love to hear your take on on you like to do your fashion thang!



5 thoughts on “Outfit Post – Aztec Print

  1. This is such a great outfit! That bomber is so interesting, whenever I head to forever 21 I never seem to have the time to really look for great pieces like that one. I guess I’ll just have to set aside a whole day 🙂


    • Yeah that’s the thing about F21 – there’s something for everyone but it’s never a five minute browse kinda job! You have to comb through everything! Well worth it though if you have the time!

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