Outfit Post: Date Night

I want to start by apologising for that cringey post title – the phrase “date night” makes me get sick in my mouth a little (clearly, I am unsentimental wagon). But unfortunately “getting dressed up on a Friday night to go for a meal with the fella” doesn’t really have the same snappy ring to it, so date night it is. What’s that you say? Quit being pedantic and get to the clothes, woman!

River Island Peplum Top, Penneys Jeans and Shoes, H&M Necklace and Bag

H&M Necklace, River Island Top

River Island Peplum Top, Penneys Jeans, H&M NecklaceLeather Jacket – New Look // Necklace and Bag – H&M 

Peplum Top – River Island // Jeans and Shoes- Penneys

If you were to look through my wardrobe, there would be a few pieces that would stand out a mile amongst the sea of monochrome and denim, and this top would most certainly be one of them. I posted about this nifty little River Island sale find a couple of weeks ago, and have only just recently manged to wear it. To be perfectly honest, I don’t know what made me stop for a second look at this printed, faux-peplum top amid the sale chaos – but man, I am glad I did. Perhaps it’s the oversized graphic print, or the beautiful rich navy blue combined with the black detail (I’m a sucker for unorthodox colour combos), but this is love. Plus, if I can instantly imagine wearing something with gold jewellery and a bright, red lip, then it’s straight to the nearest till point for me. It’s mainly the shape of this top that made me slightly apprehensive. My “go to” style is always to emphasise my waist, and never cut myself off mid-thigh – basically the exact opposite of this outfit. Maybe it’s due to writing this lil ol’ blog, but I’ve been trying to step outside of my comfort zone style-wise of late, and am getting more and more inspired to try silhouettes, colours and textures that I never would have before. That can only be a good thing, right? I for one am loving it and it’s reinvigorated how I look at my existing wardrobe as well  my shopping habits. I cannot wait for Autumn/Winter to fully kick in – the chillier months give you so much more scope for layering and accessorising. I’m all for minimal and monochrome but, more often than not during the Winter months, I feel like working the “I’m wearing everything I own” look.

Penneys Shoes, H&M Bag

And then we come to these shoes! I could kiss whoever decided to make strappy sandals the “It” shoes this year (although my sore tootsies after a night out might make me feel differently). Shoes have never been hugely on my radar, but lately I cannot get enough. I want them all – ugly, clumpy sandals, mules, winter boots, pointed courts, even flat loafers and slip-ons (Let’s just say, flats…are not my friend). But as shoe trends go, the strappy sandal is versatile, and in my opinion, timeless (ok, they are decidely 90s but still..). They are classic and instantly make an outfit look that bit more cool and polished. They are the shoe version of a neutral colour (shoetral! Haw Haw!!), a blank canvas if you will and yet they are utterly glamorous and stylish. – can you tell I like these shoes?! This pair from Penneys have quite a chunky heel so are more comfortable than you’d think, definitely more so than their spindly heeled sisters (which I also own – pass the Compeed!). You’d be hard pressed to find me in anything other than a black shoes but I really regret not buying these same ones in the pink and mint colours – buyer’s remorse rears it’s ugly head. Luckily I think this style will be hanging around on the High Street for another while yet – I’ve even seen pairs with fluffy fur on the front strap for Autumn/Winter (this pair from Topshop *swoon*) – looks like the 90s throwbacks are going nowhere, not that I’m complaining!

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