Monday Mix and Match

This post definitely lives up to it’s name – a random mix and match of everything tickling my fancy this week.

River Island Biker, Ice-Cream and Red Roses

Having only recently made the move from a full-time retail job, working every Saturday/Sunday, to a more manageable “Monday to Friday” deal, I can now savour the weekend down to the last desperate Sunday night minute. I’ll admit I am not the best at relaxing and tend to get ants in my pants watching an hour of television – I always manage to find something that needs cleaning (Not ashamed to admit, I am a full-on “Monica”).  It always helps to have vases of flowers dotted around the place and these red roses just have to be my favourites – nothing makes me happier than fresh blooms!

To avoid wasting precious weekend hours with a bottle of Pledge in one hand and the hoover in the other, I have to get out of the house. That usually entails one of two things: shopping or eating – a gal’s gotta have hobbies, right?. On Friday, myself and himself headed out to the picturesque seaside village of Skerries for a bite to eat and a stroll. Safe to say my linguine was very pretty, but demolished before I had time to even press the button for the camera app – bad blogger! I did manage to snap the cutest little ice cream shop called “Storm in a Teacup”, as well as my rapidly melting dessert – us Irish will know, nothing beats a 99 by the sea, even if it is at 9pm. Delish!

Then came the shopping. I spotted this beautiful grey leather biker jacket in River Island last week and have been back to look longingly at it twice since then (Never thought I’d stoop to stalking a piece of clothing, but there you go). At €80 it’s certainly not an impulse buy or cheap thrill, for me anyway, so it has officially been added to my long wishlist of winter coats for consideration (clearly this is very official and important process…I sense a blog post coming on!)

Seventeen Stay Pout Lipstick in "Just A Fling"Sanctuary Spa 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask

Continuing the shopping theme, I did make some actual purchases this weekend, alongside outerwear perving. I’d read about this mask over on Lily Pebbles’s blog and was dying to try it. And luckily, those clever people at Sanctuary have produced sample packs of all of their masks for just €2.49 a pop – perfect for trying before you buy, particularly if you’ve got sensitive, allergy prone skin like me and don’t want to invest in a product that could potentially bring you out in a rash. More brands should do this! So, last night, I revisited my teenage sleepover days, slapped the mask on and sat down for five minutes to paint my nails – although unfortunately, there were no gal pals around to talk about boys with this time around (my boyfriend didn’t seem interested at ALL, weird). At first you get a very strange warming sensation on your skin, which at first made me a bit anxious, but it cooled down quickly and, after five minutes, came off easily with some water and cotton wool. To be honest, my skin didn’t look hugely different after using this but it wasn’t tight or sensitive like it would be after a lot of masks either, and it certainly felt cleansed. I would definitely buy another small sachet to try before purchasing the tube.

It wouldn’t be a weekend without a new lipstick purchase – at this rate I should change my colour three times a day to get the wear out of my collection! This Seventeen Stay Pout Lipstick in “Just A Fling” is actually a repurchase – my first tube was a casualty of the festival season (too busy throwin’ my best shapes to notice my bag was open – make-up.. everywhere). Well worth a repurchase though – it’s the perfect pinky/brown, Kylie Jenner-esque shade (my lip inspiration!) and at just over a fiver I can afford not to feel too guilty for being a dancing scatterbrain.

Penneys Jumpsuit, Newlook Wedges, Topshop Necklace

Printed… Jumpsuit: Two words that strike fear into my heart, send a cold shiver down my spine and basically every other euphemism that conveys terror! This Penneys number has been sitting unloved and unworn in my wardrobe since my holidays in, way back in April – if I couldn’t wear it in a foreign country, how could I ever? I even had to buy shoes specifically to go with it and still, the guilt of that couldn’t force me into this glorified (albeit fabulous) onesie. But when the sun deigned to come out last Saturday I decided “today’s the day”…cue: massive rainstorm with added thunder and lightning, natch (I realise I talk about the weather a lot, but I’m Irish, it’s what we do). Anyway, being an avid member of the “I hate my thighs” club, I had convinced myself that I could never rock print on my lower half years ago, never mind print on a tapered trouser style – well feck that for a laugh I say. Life is too short to be sartorially limited by body-consciousness and I firmly believe that if you feel confident, just bloody wear it! And after all that, I really did love wearing this piece, I’m officially converted. Anyway, back soon, I’m off out to buy more jumpsuits…


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