Monday Mix and Match

I thought I’d keep you on your toes and post this on a Tuesday *cough cough*. Naaaw, it was a Bank Holiday yesterday here in Ireland and I was away from the computer all day. Hopefully these ramblings will make up for my tardiness.

Outfit, Nail Polish, Cheesecake, New purchases

1.  Ah, dungarees! I’ve been very reluctant to adopt this trend for a few reasons: i) I am not Alexa Chung, ii) They bring back too many memories of pregnant women in the 90s, and iii) also in the 90s, I had a pair I was OBSESSED with, and my favourite accessory with them was a baseball cap (ponytail sticking out the gap in the back an all – stylin’ it out, whut whut?).  The difference in this is the much more forgiving skirt silhouette and to be honest, I actually kind of…love it. It has the “easy to throw on” attributes of denim but looks a bit more “done” than your regular jeans at a special occasion.  Well, am I Alexa yet?

2.  You might have gleaned from my Instagram that it was cake-filled weekend – the best kind, in my opinion. I was somewhat of a prolific baker in my early teens and spent nearly every weekend making brownies, or some variety of sugary treat.  I don’t know why I ever stopped experimenting with the mixing bowl – maybe sub-consciously I realised that the older you get, the less your metabolism can handle copious amounts of margarine – go figure. A few cupcakes here and there is the closest I’ve gotten to being the next Mary Berry of late (Bake-Off anyone? It’s back tomorrow night and I for one am dying to resume the pastry related swooning). I had my family over for Sunday lunch this weekend so decided to put the effort in and make something a little different (Ugh, and then I had to EAT IT too…it’s a hard aul life, eh?).  I chose an Oreo Cheesecake – not a surprising decision for me: I’d add Oreos to my dinner if it was socially acceptable and c’mon now, cheese, it all its forms ,makes EVERYTHING better.  This was actually quite simple to make but with impressively delicious results.  I’m delighted to say it went down a treat – Nigella who?! I used this recipe but doubled the quantities for the biscuit base as this amount didn’t fill the bottom of my tin.

3.  Only since moving to a new job recently is decorating my nails is back on the cards – awesome, except I forgot how much time you need to set aside to paint your talons!  I get bored far too easily too, so I end up changing the colour every few days and at the moment I’m loving nudes and neutrals.  Hands down, Catrice have my favourite budget nail colours (available in Penneys for 2.79 each – must..resist..buying..twenty).  My most recent addition to my burgeoning collection is the lovely dusty pink shade, hilariously named “Karl Says Très Chic”. Watch out for this in an upcoming outfit post too.

4.  These two beauties nearly didn’t make it home with me, and not because I was torn about purchasing, oh no. The rain on my way home from the bus could only be described as torrential and of course my paper bags split; disaster. Cue me scrambling in the rain like an eejit to pick up all of my purchases off the road and losing all my receipts in the process. Lesson learnt – when shopping in Ireland, always bring a reusable waterproof shopping bag.  Definitely worth the hassle in the end though and thankfully there wasn’t a mark on them. This geometric print top is from Forever 21, priced at a bargainous €13.45, and the burgundy faux leather skirt was snapped up in River Island for the princely sum of €33.  The Autumn/Winter stock has started trickling into the shops, tempting me with all it’s shiny, full-price newness.  I for one am very excited for Winter to come, with its rich colours and fabrics, beautiful coats, furs and layers. I am slow to admit this though, as such a statement is likely to garner the stink-eye from those still worshiping the last of the heat, but bring on the coooold I say!  Anybody else excited for the new Autumn/Winter season?



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