Outfit Post: Sunny Day, Sunny Mood

Happy Friday y’all! I’m currently having a WILD night-in, painting a chest of drawers and having a cheeky glass of wine (This blog post could get…interesting). This outfit was actually snapped last Friday but unfortunately the sun is now a distant memory – oh big yellow ball of warmth in the sky, come back! To be honest, the minute these photos were done and dusted I raced home to change into shorts and a tee  The warmth combined with a gigantic bacon and pancake brunch, and an ice cream by the sea left me fit for one thing, and one thing only – naptime. My advice: Pancakes do not need to be followed up with dessert, who knew?! Major food baby.

That being said, me and the boyfriend happened to both have last Friday off from work and we felt veeeery lucky that sun decided to show it’s face. For once, we decided to forgo our beloved lie-ins to get up early (9.30 is early right?) and actually make it to an eaterie before the lunch menu kicked in.  I did take a picture of my breakfast (like the ardent Instagram-er/blogger that I am), but there really is no way to make a veritable MOUND of bacon look pretty,  even with a trusty Earlybird or Amaro.

Zara Dress, Penneys Boots, Bag and Fedora, Fossil Watch

Fossil Watch, Penneys Bag and Fedora - Accessories

Swan and Cignet


Zara Dress

Especially for the occasion, I decided not to dress like it was the depths of Winter, and took an extra ten minutes to tan the pins (not that you can tell this from these photos but Sally Hansen, you’re some woman).  We had headed down like two kids to feed the swans and take some pictures, but unfortunately it was hell-a windy.  Of course, the practical thing to do would have been to take off the hat, but fortunately for the accessory hungry amongst you, I am not one for practicality.  So yes, the swans may have nearly gotten a snazzy new fedora for themselves, as well as potentially seeing my pants (lucky them *ahem*), but at least we got some half-decent photos – blogging success, huzzah!

I love the look of boots and bare legs, and this tan pair from Penneys were great investment (Can items from Penneys be an investment? Either way, I have these for two years and they’re as sturdy as ever). I’m not really a flat shoe kinda lady and even though my feet were slightly roasted in these, I much prefer this look over sandals, which make me look decidedly stumpy.

I paired the boots with a dress that was a nifty little sale find. I’d say it was originally designed by those idealists in Zara to be worn loose, draped over some long, lean and leggy beauty, this 5’4, not entirely lean gal (see Pancake monologue above) has gotta belt that shizz – all hail waist definition!

I don’t want to sound cliche or like I’m preaching, but it really is all about dressing for feeling comfortable in your own shape, not the trends you think you SHOULD wear. And I’m most certainly not saying that anybody over a size 8 should avoid all billowy shapes or flat shoes – go with what makes you feel at your most Beyonce i.e FIERCE! I know I do! What are your tricks for feeling comfortable in your own style?


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