Monday Mix and Match

I can’t believe it’s Monday again! As per usual the weekend went by in a whirlwind, but not without a few cheeky purchases and days out, natch.

Clueless at the Sugar Club

First up was a midweek trip to the Sugar Club in Dublin for a screening of that, like, totally classic movie “Clueless” – one of my absolute favourites, and a great idea for a gurls night out. Next up is “Mean Girls” in October, get your tickets before they sell out #youcantsitwithus

Bathroom Rules Sign from Dunnes Stores

I am constantly on the lookout for cute and quirky items for my apartment. Having only moved in three months ago, I’m slowly building up my collection of trinkets, furniture and art. Eye-catching and unique graphic design is a huge passion of mine (we’re talking HOURS lost to Pinterest here) and those close to me will know, I particularly love a good font! So when I spotted this framed poster for €6 in Dunnes Stores, it was in my basket before you could say Comic Sans. Plus, it ain’t a bad idea to have a gentle reminder of the rules in a strategic position when you live with a boy!

La Roche Posay Effaclar duo

Although I will admit to being a novice when it comes to “grown-up” skincare, this La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo is without doubt my favourite beauty purchase of the last while. I’m a sucker for the simple packaging of this stalwart French Pharmacy brand and fortunately the benefits go a long way to back up it’s aesthetic. This product promises that soothe and lighten blemishes, smooth out imperfections and reduce oiliness. I’m lucky in that I don’t too suffer with spots too often, but my skin is far from perfect. Since making this gel/cream hybrid a part of my skincare routine I’ve seen a marked change in the look of my skin. My redness has dramatically and it looks much brighter too – always a good thing when the Dublin sky has decided to rock a very trendy palette of grey, grey, and…a bit more grey. It also claims to be a great base for make-up and for me, this is definitely the main selling point. By the end of the day, my normally shiny face is decidedly matte, and my make-up still feels fresh and light. Definitely worth the near €20 price tag, and I most certainly be repurchasing.

This One is Mine by Maria Semple

A combination of a short attention span and obsession with magazines, means I don’t read books as much, or as quickly, as I’d like to.  I last read “How to Build a Girl” by Caitlin Moran (which I posted about weeks ago – see, I cannot sit down and finish a book!), and it was genuinely laugh out loud funny. Moran is unashamedly honest and foul-mouthed in her writing, much to the advantage of her readers and the disadvantage of my fellow bus passengers who had to deal with my obnoxious guffawing at 8am whilst I made my way through the story of Johanna Morrigan and her reinvention. I’d highly recommend “How to Build a Girl” to everyone but the easily offended. In fact, read anything by Moran and I can’t imagine you being disappointed!

So, with a long train journey on the cards this week, I headed for the aisles of my local Easons to realise…how hard it is to pick a book!! If you don’t have a recommendation and are short on time, you quite literally have to judge a book by it’s cover. And the style of “This One is Mine” by Maria Semple is right up my street. I’ve also read another of Semple’s novels, “Where’d You Go, Bernadette”, so I knew I was in safe hands.

I’d love to hear if you guys have any must-reads at the moment too – feel free to leave a comment below!

Jamie's Italian Dundrum

Says it all really! Every weekend should finish with a combination the above – pizza, pasta and a gigantic, naughty dessert. I’m a big fan of Mr. Oliver and Jamie’s Italian in Dundrum is always a good bet…just look at that brownie!! My other courses didn’t last long enough to be photographed but rest assured, they were delicious, with mozzarella and tomato arancini to start and a very posh take on Spag Bol for the main offering – as the Irish Mammy would say, it was far from breadcrumbs on Spaghetti Bolognese that you were reared!

Time to start planning next weekend I reckon!


Beauty Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr Foundation

Pale gals rejoice – I’ve found an affordable foundation that doesn’t resemble a bottle of Fanta!

Rimmel Listing Finish 25hr Foundation in Light Porcelain

Having resigned myself to a life of bronzing my neck until it matches my face, or spending upwards of thirty quid per month on an every day foundation, I am delighted to have found Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr foundation in “Light Porcelain”. I’ve learned, through much trial and error (and the jawline tidemarks of my teenage years) that when it comes to base, the colour is never exactly what it says on the tin – containing the word ivory in the title of the shade is apparently just an irony. I’ve been witness to this, having used this foundation for while in the “True Ivory” shade, which was always the lightest I could find in the aisles of Boots. This shade was still too dark for my distinctly Irish hue, but I made do with it as my daily foundation for work etc. At only €8.85, it was worth the compromise, but still annoying when your bare arms look like they belong to a different face! So you can imagine my ghostly delight when I came across this paler hue last weekend and after wearing it all week, it’s cemented itself as part of my weekday make-up routine.

Like a lot of Irish gals, particularly during the summer, I like to wear a hint of tan at the weekend, and so it’s necessary to a have a foundation wardrobe, so to speak, to match the rest of my limbs at any given time. That’s why I say this Rimmel gem is my everyday go-to, as during the week I’m generally more Irish cailín than Ibiza beach babe.

This product also promises quite a lot in terms of staying power (you guessed it, 25 hours). Being honest, I wouldn’t see this as the main benefit of this product, as by the time I get home from work – two bus journeys, a day at a desk and city pollution – it does tend to look slightly patchy and worn off, although I would admit I have a habit of touching my face quite a bit throughout the day. It’s also nothing that a quick top up under the eyes and around the nose and mouth can’t fix, if you’re heading out somewhere after a long day. More often than not I take my make-up off straight away when I get home, as however fresh and light your foundation feels, I don’t think anything can withstand the city air and hour long, packed bus trip home!

I also must add that this foundation contains SPF 20, which is an excellent offering from a high street brand and cuts out the hassle of buying and applying extra sun protection.  The coverage is definitely medium, just as it promises, and I find this is perfect for my skin issues – namely uneven skin tone and redness. It still feels nice and light, and looks natural, basically a more perfected version of your own skin.

At only €8.85 as I said, this is a really great option for building your make-up look on. I was beginning to despair – spending twenty minutes on my eyes, brows and lips every morning only for the slightly orange hue of my face to ruin my hard work. This is a great budget option for the hard working, pale gals amongst you but as you probably know, when this is your natural shade, you run the risk however of constantly being asked if you are about to faint/are you unwell – a hint of light bronzer and highlighter never go amiss!

I would love to hear your foundation recommendations too guys, leave a comment below if you’ve found your “holy grail” base, or even just a really great budget, every day option that works for you!

Monday Mix and Match

Hello loves, I hope y’all had a lovely weekend! Mine was a little bit quieter than usual, on the shopping front anyway, as I’ve just booked a trip away to Amsterdam!! I am hyper with excitement and would LOVE to hear your recommendations for the ‘Dam. If anyone has been/lives there – don’t be shy!

Of course it means the sheckles are now at an all time low but I did manage to have a pretty jam-packed weekend, which leads to this slightly more “lifestyle” based Mix and Match. At the end of the day, what kind of a weekend would it be without spending time with good friends and family, relaxing and eating circles around yourself? No weekend at all, that’s what!

I meant to take outfit pictures on Saturday but I had family over for dinner and ended up covered in all manner of food – cooking for ten is never going to be a calm, clean endeavour.  It was well worth it for these delicious chicken fajitas though, made using this recipe from the ever reliable Jamie Oliver. No word of a lie, the chicken was so tasty, I’ve actually bothered to cook it again on a MONDAY NIGHT – that’s how you know it must be good. I also baked it in the oven, rather than cooking on the pan as suggested in the recipe, which makes it even easier to whip up with no fuss and it still stays incredibly moist and full of flavour. Plus the smell of the lime make me feel like I’m on my holidays – win win!

Jamie Oliver Lime and Paprika Fajita Chicken

How I managed to delay eating this in order to take that photo, I couldn’t tell ya.

As I’d spent most of Saturday cooking and cleaning, I needed a dessert that would be easy to assemble but also suited the tastes of ten people – enter the Ice Cream Sundae Bar. Absolutely delicious, it went down a treat. As you can see, Pinterest has a lot to answer for! Having said that, using these vintage tea cups was borne out of necessity – it says a lot about you when you own more floral cups and saucer sets than actual bowls. I definitely recommend this “plonk it on the table, help yourself” approach to mass feeding when you next decide to play hostess (or host!).

Make your own Sundae Dessert

The next morning, myself and the fella were off to a bright and early start, heading out to the Brocante Market, in the Dublin Food Co-Operative, for a bit of a haggle and a cuppa. The Co-Op hosts four different markets during the month, including the increasingly popular Dublin Flea which I highly recommend getting your butt down to on the last Sunday of the month. It was my first visit to the Brocante Market though, which offered a great mix of furniture, bric-a-brac, books, clothes and records, the latter being thee FUNNIEST items to browse, ever. They definitely don’t make album covers like they used to – so.. many.. shirtless.. men! I fell in love with a battered old vintage radio, but clearly my haggling skills were not up to scratch and I walked away empty handed. All part of the fun though, and the window shopping, and swooning over the beautiful mid-century furniture in particular, was quite enough for me.

Brocante Market, Dublin Food Co-Op

I’d thrown on this skirt/shorts hybrid to cover the effects of the aforementioned Sundae bar the day before, along with my trusty leather jacket, and my best haggling lipstick, earlier that morning – perfect for leisurely Sunday activities, although perhap if I’d gone with a red lip I would have bagged that radio! Lol! These be-flowered, floaty shorts could be classed as vintage at this stage, I have them for years (gotta shop that wardrobe, people) and although I love my denim cut-offs, this A-line shape is ten times more flattering, and wearable, than what can generally end up being glorified denim knickers.

Topshop Lips in Brighton Rock

After that it was home to park my butt on the couch for the day, eat the leftover Sundae toppings and watch old movies – for someone who never relaxes, I think I done good! Did any of you get up to anything crazy over the weekend, or do you prefer to keep yours good n’ lazy? Do tell! And don’t forget to leave any of your Amsterdam recommendations for shopping, eating, sightseeing – I am open to any and all suggestions!

Outfit Post – Aztec Print

Happy weekend eeerbody! I’m so glad it’s here, even if I will be spending my day cleaning my apartment – so glam. Anyhoo, a quick outfit post for your perusal. I threw on this rig-out to head out for a spot o’ window shopping last weekend – my wishlist grows ever longer, watch out for a A/W shopping post coming soon!

Forever 21 Bomber Jacket, Missguided Fedora, H&M Necklace

I should really rename this blog “50 ways to wear black jeans” – I promise I do wear other things and will endeavor to gather photograph evidence of this this weekend!

Aztec Print Forever 21 Bomber Jacket

Aztec Print

But just look at that awesome print! This Forever 21 beauty needs nothing more than casual jeans and a tee to look pulled together and just plain funkaaaay. I posted a while back about my love for printed bomber jackets, and yet actually manged to completely forget I owned this cracker. I love this graphic spin on the ubiquitous summer staple, the Aztec print. – it makes me wanna get out the markers and doodle. The unusual pops of colour – vivid turquoise, pink toned red and neon lime, combined with the hand-drawn quality of the print really makes this a proper, statement piece.

And of course, I’m never one to skimp on accessories (You may have gleaned by now that I am the exact opposite of Coco Chanel – before I leave the I add one more thing). I am a magpie when it comes any kind of fashion accoutrements, particularly jewellery.  At the moment I’m drawn to geometric, simple shapes, particularly triangles in all shapes and sizes – the horrors of Leaving Cert algebra and the words equilateral, Pythagoras and pi have been long forgotten, thankfully. H&M is always a sure bet when it comes to shiny trinkets and I snapped this necklace up without a second thought. I think it ties in well with the busy print of this jacket, without make the look entirely overwhelming.

H&M Necklace

Fossil Watch

And who knows, I might get brave and clash it with another print some day! What would you pair this bomber jacket with? Do you think more is more or is simple and pared back the way to go when it comes to styling a statement piece? I’d love to hear your take on on you like to do your fashion thang!


Outfit Post: Date Night

I want to start by apologising for that cringey post title – the phrase “date night” makes me get sick in my mouth a little (clearly, I am unsentimental wagon). But unfortunately “getting dressed up on a Friday night to go for a meal with the fella” doesn’t really have the same snappy ring to it, so date night it is. What’s that you say? Quit being pedantic and get to the clothes, woman!

River Island Peplum Top, Penneys Jeans and Shoes, H&M Necklace and Bag

H&M Necklace, River Island Top

River Island Peplum Top, Penneys Jeans, H&M NecklaceLeather Jacket – New Look // Necklace and Bag – H&M 

Peplum Top – River Island // Jeans and Shoes- Penneys

If you were to look through my wardrobe, there would be a few pieces that would stand out a mile amongst the sea of monochrome and denim, and this top would most certainly be one of them. I posted about this nifty little River Island sale find a couple of weeks ago, and have only just recently manged to wear it. To be perfectly honest, I don’t know what made me stop for a second look at this printed, faux-peplum top amid the sale chaos – but man, I am glad I did. Perhaps it’s the oversized graphic print, or the beautiful rich navy blue combined with the black detail (I’m a sucker for unorthodox colour combos), but this is love. Plus, if I can instantly imagine wearing something with gold jewellery and a bright, red lip, then it’s straight to the nearest till point for me. It’s mainly the shape of this top that made me slightly apprehensive. My “go to” style is always to emphasise my waist, and never cut myself off mid-thigh – basically the exact opposite of this outfit. Maybe it’s due to writing this lil ol’ blog, but I’ve been trying to step outside of my comfort zone style-wise of late, and am getting more and more inspired to try silhouettes, colours and textures that I never would have before. That can only be a good thing, right? I for one am loving it and it’s reinvigorated how I look at my existing wardrobe as well  my shopping habits. I cannot wait for Autumn/Winter to fully kick in – the chillier months give you so much more scope for layering and accessorising. I’m all for minimal and monochrome but, more often than not during the Winter months, I feel like working the “I’m wearing everything I own” look.

Penneys Shoes, H&M Bag

And then we come to these shoes! I could kiss whoever decided to make strappy sandals the “It” shoes this year (although my sore tootsies after a night out might make me feel differently). Shoes have never been hugely on my radar, but lately I cannot get enough. I want them all – ugly, clumpy sandals, mules, winter boots, pointed courts, even flat loafers and slip-ons (Let’s just say, flats…are not my friend). But as shoe trends go, the strappy sandal is versatile, and in my opinion, timeless (ok, they are decidely 90s but still..). They are classic and instantly make an outfit look that bit more cool and polished. They are the shoe version of a neutral colour (shoetral! Haw Haw!!), a blank canvas if you will and yet they are utterly glamorous and stylish. – can you tell I like these shoes?! This pair from Penneys have quite a chunky heel so are more comfortable than you’d think, definitely more so than their spindly heeled sisters (which I also own – pass the Compeed!). You’d be hard pressed to find me in anything other than a black shoes but I really regret not buying these same ones in the pink and mint colours – buyer’s remorse rears it’s ugly head. Luckily I think this style will be hanging around on the High Street for another while yet – I’ve even seen pairs with fluffy fur on the front strap for Autumn/Winter (this pair from Topshop *swoon*) – looks like the 90s throwbacks are going nowhere, not that I’m complaining!

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