August Shopping Edit

Pay day is fast approaching for most of us who spend our days doing a Dolly Parton (get it? Workin’ 9 to 5! Ok, I’ll stop now) and I for one am fierce excited!  I’ve recently moved out of the family home and this has been my first full month of paying rent and bills (I think that might make me…a grown up! Agh!).  To top it off, it was a five week month with numerous weddings, birthdays and gigs to attend. Of course it’s great to spend your hard-earned cash on having fun with your nearest and dearest, but a gal’s gotta eat (and also, buy shoes).  Needless to say, I’m positively giddy at the thought of once again having actual NUMBERS looking back at me when I check my bank balance *happy dance*.

I’m not generally one for online shopping – nothing beats the tactility and indulgence of a day’s shopping trip, or nipping to my local shopping centre for the immediate rush of a payday treat. PLUS you always have an excuse then to go for lunch (in my book, it ain’t a successful day out unless you’ve a full belly and significant dent in the credit card).  That being said I’m partial to a bit of Internet window shopping and have already managed to allocate my monthly shopping budget to several lust-worthy bits and bobs… Feast your eyes below.

Missguided, Topshop, Diptique, Daniel Wellington

Check Dress// Missguided

Spotty Dress // Topshop

Mesh T-Shirt Dress // Missguided

Watch // Daniel Wellington

Candle // Diptique

Lip Bullet // Topshop

Lightning Bolt Shirt // Topshop

Peep-Toe Boots // Missguided

Long Line Duster Jacket // Missguided

Snakeskin Boots // Missguided

I only noticed once I’d created this little shopping edit , that all my picks are distinctly monochrome.  I find I’m being drawn more and more to pared-down, simple colour schemes and shapes (more evidence of that “growing up” maybe!)

The boots in particular have been sitting in my Missguided shopping basket for the last two weeks – obsessed!

And LOOK at that lightening bolt shirt! My inner Harry Potter nerd is heading straight to Topshop this weekend, and I think I’ll pick up that lip bullet while I’m at it – I’m still on the hunt for the perfect dark, red-tinted wine and this one looks very promising.

And again, that 90s style is popping up in these three dresses from Topshop and Missguided. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch the last of the Summer’s rays and pair these with bare legs and black boots (the HAIM sisters’ style has clearly crept into my subconscious!)

The Diptique candle and Daniel Wellington watch are two items that are on the “wishlist” more than anything else – but a gal can dream (or hint at the boyfriend..).

Well there ya have it, my August Shopping edit…or as I like to call it, ten easy ways to spend your paycheck in one day!  What items are you coveting this month?


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