I Love Lipstick – My Top Five

To be honest, I could probably do a post on my top THIRTY lipsticks, but for the sake of brevity (and not boring you to tears), I’ve narrowed it down to my top five in my collection.  What’s even better is that none of these are particularly expensive, and all high street brands with one exception.

I mentioned in a previous post that it’s definitely all about the application to make the most of the colour payoff and longevity when it comes to more affordable lipsticks. Time allowing, I stick by the following tips:

  • Exfoliate lips regularly, even with a clean, wet toothbrush, and use a balm (I blogged about this Soap and Glory one recently. It’s excellent and it smells DELISH)
  • Pat concealer and a small bit of powder all over lips before application – I find this really helps to stop the colour bleeding (Lipstick really is the adult version of colouring in, isn’t it?)
  • Use a similar coulour lip liner pencil – all over the lip! It gives a great matte base for lipstick and makes the colour even stronger and last longer
  • Apply lipstick with a brush – it helps to get right into the corners of the mouth and the cupids bow, and again, useful for stopping colour bleed
  • And my favourite tip that I picked up recently? Powder in between layers of lipstick!  This little tidbit has been a godsend and really works to keep that colour poppin’ all night long

I’m always open to new tips as I wear lipstick every single day, so do let me know if you’ve any lipstick lifesavers!

And now, my favourites..

Kate Moss for Rimmel in 03 Nude and 01 Red

Kate Moss for Rimmel on 03 (Nude) and 01 (Red)

I’ve posted about Kate Moss for Rimmel Lipsticks before – I think I have about five in total from the range and these two are definitely my favourites. I think every gal should have a great nude and a great red in her lip wardrobe – and I’ve found both! The nude has a great warmth and sheen, instead of looking like you’ve just put foundation on your lips (pet peeve alert!). The red is beautiful true, blue-toned shade and is constantly raved about on t’internet – and rightly so. I would definitely recommend adding this one to your army of rouges. You will also see from the shape of these ones, and the ones to follow, that I practice what I preach – worn down to the nubs!

Topshop Lipstick in Brighton Rock and Rio Rio

Topshop Lips in “Brighton Rock” and “Rio Rio”

I LOVE everything in the Topshop Make-Up range and own several of the lipsticks (as well as nail polish, highlighters, eyeshadow and blush – I may have a problem).  These colours, like the rest of the range, are just plain fun to wear, but also have the quality to keep me purchasing again and again (and I’m a sucker for the snazzy packaging). The pink of “Brighton Rock” looks great with a graphic slick of eyeliner and a hint of blush on a night out. “Rio Rio” may actually be my top pick out of ALL my lipsticks, it’s super flattering orange-y red, and looks particularly great with a tan (which to be honest, I never have, so don’t worry that that’s a necessity!)

MAC Amplified Lipstick in Vegas Volt

Mac Lipstick in “Vegas Volt”

I first bought this lippy around 7 years ago when I was just beginning to experiment and be brave with make-up (before that it was tinted moisturiser and mascara at MOST), and I’ve bought it again and again ever since.  It’s quite an orange tinted coral, really moisturising and perfect for Summer.

That’s my pick of the bunch anyway, and I speak from years of experimentation and collecting. Lipstick is definitely my favourite “pick me up” treat and I don’t think a month goes by where I buy pick up one or two.

 I’d love to hear what your favourite shades and brands are, do tell!


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