Outfit Post: Bohemian Black

Black Kimono, jeans and sandals

Some days all ya want is to wear black. All black eeeerthang. That, and a bit of superfluous fringing – which let’s face it, never hurt nobody, OR their outfit.

New Look Black Sandals

I decided to make some concessions to the sun with these New Look sandals (which look just enough like a mom/tourist sandal to make me endlessly happy) and sheer H&M kimono. The latter goes with everything, and is only slightly hazardous when trying to fasten your belt/walk past doors (I’ve only ripped two of the strings – calling it a win lads).

Necklace, Earrings, Rings

This necklace, as well as the rings and earrings, is from Penneys, who are KILLIN’ it with their jewellery selections this summer.  I’m getting a bit fed-up of gigantic “statement” necklaces at the moment and can see myself moving more and more towards delicate and layered chains – luckily, Penneys have loads to offer in both categories.  This one is three chains joined together (i.e.  leave time to untangle them when you want to wear it!!), two gold and one with a Turquoise style stone.  I can’t get enough of semi-precious stones, and my eye is always particularly drawn to anything with turquoise. Combined with my Alex and Ani bangles (The Path of Life and Om symbols – my two favourites), i think jewellery can lend a slightly bohemian look to an otherwise plain and simple outfit.

Alex and Ani Bangles



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