Monday Mix and Match

Oops, little bit late on this one! I knew putting the word Sunday in the title of my Mix and Match series would lead to it literally never getting done on a Sunday.  I find I’m actually more focused on blogging during the week, as I’m generally in a productive mood from being in work all day – is anyone else like this?  I’d happily do all my washing and cooking every night (domestic goddess over here), and then blog until midnight.  I definitely end up being reeeally lazy at the weekend, and only want to sleep until noon and eat takeaways/drink wine!  So basically here is a Monday round up of what I got up to/wore this week!

Longitude Music Festival

I haven’t been to a festival in years so decided to dip my toes back in the water with Longitude, which is a three day, no camping event in Marley Park in Dublin.  It also helped that my ultimate girl crushes and favourite band, Haim, were playing on the Saturday – and my god, they were worth every penny! If you follow me on Twitter/Instagram you’ll have seen my fan girl moments, but they were honestly so good, they deserved every bit of over the top swooning!  Their style is on…point!  And they have the talent to back it up too, playing their own instruments and bloody catchy tunes to boot.  They even played a cover of “XO” by Beyonce – I die!! Unsurprisingly, I also lost my voice a little due to over-zealous wailing and singing.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a festival without the fashion to go along with it – and the girls (and even some of the guys – man in a tutu alert!) really went all out. Some great, some …not so great! Let’s just say, there was a lot o’ bum cheeks, but hey a festival is definitely the place to let loose!!  The weather was had been really changeable all week, which made for a a serious outfit conundrum, and judging by social media, I think every other gal had this problem too.  In the end, it was really cloudy and humid so I opted for this light, black slip dress from H&M (one of my favourite recent purchases), a dark denim jacket from Penneys and burgundy boots, also from Penneys, and of course, a few sparkly gems on my face – the perfect outfit for having a boogie and lounging on the grass. Pictured above is what I wore, along with my gal Lesley (who runs the faaaabulous beauty blog called Bellinis and Blush, check her out!) who looked an absolute babe in her amazing floral crown.

I had also bought these uh-mazing Doc Marten-style wellies in Penneys, as it had been raining all week (they are SPARKLY, how could I leave them behind?!), but as it happened, there was no need to wear them on the day. They were only €11 though, and fortunately (or unfortunately really) will probably come in very handy throughout the rest of the year!

Adventure to Howth, food, outfit On Sunday, I was very much in recovery mode (read: in bed until 1pm!).  But hunger is the great motivator and I eventually managed to drag myself into the shower, throw a bit of slap on and head out to one of my favourite spots in the world – Howth.  I grew up going for Sunday strolls here with my family, and it’s since become  my go to place for some fresh air and al fresco dining with himself.  If you’ve never eaten Beshoffs fish and chips on the pier, then it’s definitely one for the to-do list. So so good!! And of course, this has to be followed up with a gigantic ice-cream from Maud’s, for the ultimate Howth day out.  There is always a great atmosphere in this little fishing village, but it’s so peaceful at the same time, and if you’re feeling particularly enthusiastic, you can always hike the hill of Howth for some spectacular views out over Dublin Bay.

Being a leeetle bit tired, I wore whatever came out of the wardrobe first really. That’s how I ended up donning this floral H&M skirt that I’ve had since I was seventeen, six years – I am a hoarder of clothes! I lazily paired it with my ever faithful black separates and gold accessories – why mess with a classic?


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