Adventures in Ireland: Wicklow

Something a little different today, with a bit of an outfit post thrown in for good measure! There is nothing as exciting as heading off on adventures, and I strive to travel as much as possible in my life – whether in be abroad or in my own green little country! So here is my short (ish!) travel diary: Wicklow Edition!

Obviously I’m slightly biased, but Ireland really is a beautiful, and fun, country to explore, even when you inevitably end up resembling a drowned rat. Living in Dublin there is always something to fill your time, but it’s nice to escape the buzz for a while and explore what’s on your doorstep. I would say the longest time it would take you to travel from one place to another in Ireland would be about five hours by car, and that’s from North to South. With Co. Wicklow being in and around an hour’s drive from Dublin, it’s perfect for a one night escape.

With that in mind, myself and himself (aka the Boyfriend!) headed off to Tulfarris Hotel and Golf Resort in the wilds of Wicklow for a night. It’s great to have little weekends like this to look forward to, dontcha think? Tulfarris is right smack bang in the middle of Blessington, right beside the famous Blessington lakes (Who’d have thought?!ha). We had the car, so it was great to just dump our stuff and head out for a jaunt up around the hills surrounding the lakes. Here you’ll find tiny little villages and whoooole lotta sheep. The roads are a tad perilous, and steep, at times, and we weren’t even adhering to the 80km/ph speed – only in Ireland!!  Most certainly worth it for the views though.

Travel photos of Blessington Lake, Co. Wicklow

It was actually lovely to go back to our room then with some crisps and wine (we classy), unwind and do nothing, especially after being nearly swept out to sea (or in this case, lake) by the wind! This served as an appetiser to a rather tasty meal in the Lime Tree restaurant, which has floor to ceiling windows overlooking the golf course – we happened to be sitting down to dine just as the sun decided to come out and start to set.  It was so pretty I got distracted and ended up ordering three courses….*ahem*.

The next day it was off to see Glendalough (in the rain again, surprise surprise). Because we came from Tulfarris/Blessington, we ended up driving through what is known as the Wicklow Gap. It’s a pretty stunning drive, in a bleak sort of way (not that that sounds good at all, but you can see what I mean from the pictures – moss and rocks can be pretty too, and those views!). Definitely a sight to take in of you are touring these parts, make sure you stop and get out of the car. It was ridiculously windy though, but as you can see, by god I was committed to wearing ma damn hat – that hand was permanently glued to the brim!

Outfit - Jeans, Parka, Fedora, Check Shirt

 Jeans/Parka/Shirt –  Penneys // Boots – Boohoo // Hat – Missguided // Tee – Topshop

Travel Photos of the Wicklow Gap

When we arrived at Glendalough, I was genuinely taken aback by how beautifully scenic, and almost otherworldly, it was. Tulfarris made for the perfect base to explore this ancient monastic settlement, with it’s iconic lakes and round tower, all in the breathtaking surrounds of a glacial valley. You get a real sense of tranquility looking out over the lake, despite the fact you are surrounded by people (Namely German backpackers – guten tag!) and are most likely being drowned by drizzle. It actually strikes me as being quite Scandinavian here – I can’t express how cool it is. I also think I may have looked ever so slightly outta place amongst the tourist families and backpackers, walking the trails with red lipstick and my clompy heeled boots on, but sure, life’s too short not to take an opportunity to dress your best (and one of the Germans even said they liked my hat – only chuffed with myself!)..

Glendalough Upper Lake - Travel Photo Ireland Travel - Glendaalough

If you live in Ireland and haven’t been to Glendalough – Go! I wasn’t blogging at the time, but I really wish I’d gotten better pictures with my camera. These ones taken on IPhone don’t do it justice at all, so I would definitely suggest hopping in the car some weekend, or even heading out on one of the tours that depart from Dublin City Centre, to experience Wicklow for yourself.


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