Outfit Post: Halter Top and Polka Dots

Halterneck Crop Top, Polka Dot, High Waist Shorts

This top goes…with…EVERYTHING!! I mean anything and everything, it never fails me. I always thought the halterneck silhouette was quite unflattering and too 90s for me (having grown up watching the Olsen twins rocking all manner of them – Passport to Paris anyone? That was my jam!).  The 90s for me were less about fashion (I kept a rigorous uniform of polo shirts and French plaits, and the occasional pair of parachute pants…thank GOD I never let anyone take my photograph as a teen), and more about trying to keep my Tamagotchi alive (was anybody successful in this endeavour?) Sorry, I’ve gone on a tangent – nostalgia will do that to you!

Like all decade based trends eventually do, the 90s have come roaring back into fashion – evidenced by the fact the world, and it’s mother, are donning spaghetti strap camis, check shirts around their waists, and “mom” jeans.  Anyway, the crux of the matter is… I’m embracing it and man, I love me some halterneck!! I wish I’d bought this River Island one several times over, but thankfully I don’t think this style of skinny strap, cropped halter is going anywhere.   I spotted some styles exactly like this one, only updated with different colours and prints, on my recent trip to River Island, so it looks like they’re here to stay. Luckily when paired with a high waist like this, you won’t even have to do any crunches before leaving the house – pass the snickers!

River Island Crop Tops

All styles available now from River Island

As for my shorts, I’m surprised this is the first time I’ve had polka dots on in any outfit posts – they are without a doubt my favourite print, my wardrobe looks like it has fashion chicken pox at this stage. Perhaps a small clue in the design of this blog though! I threw this outfit on (And when I say “threw”, I mean meticulously planned and nearly cried when several other outfits looked crap…I am never that nonchalant) for a friend’s birthday night out.  These shorts are actually so old, I’d forgot I even owned them – amazing what desperation can cause you to uncover in the depths of your drawer!

Cropped Halter, Polka Dot Shorts, Ruby Woo MAC
I’m all for killer heels and tanned pins, but outfits like this mean you can mingle and dance like an eejit with ease.. i.e no-one will see your butt when you’re getting your Beyonce on!  And as long as I’ve got my my MAC “Ruby Woo” lipstick painted on, I’m ready to go!


4 thoughts on “Outfit Post: Halter Top and Polka Dots

  1. Hey, great post! I’m Audrey and I’m very interested in fashion and style. I think you would enjoy my posts; I would really appreciate a follow back! Thanks!

    P.S: I love your hair!!

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