Stripes and Floral

Floral bomber, strpes and jeans

When I have free reign on my outfit choices at the weekends (the 9-5 ain’t the place for slip dresses or ripped jeans), I tend to get over-excited and want to wear all my clothes at once, the stuff that never sees the light of day during the week. Fortunately I didn’t have to make a choice between my one of my favourite staples, the Breton tee, and this amazing floral bomber – love a good clash of prints I do! This was the perfect outfit for a leisurely Sunday brunch with friends a couple of weekends back (Does anyone eat actual lunch anymore on the weekends?!). Although jeans aren’t great for the inevitable pancake overindulgence, they’re great for our delightfully unpredictable Irish weather – bright and summery one minute, lashing rain and hurricane winds the next. Jeans are the perfect bridge between feeling obligated to get your gams out at the first hint of warmth (the way only we Irish can – lobstered within ten minutes on the first sunny day!) and wanting to cry at the thoughts of relegating your opaques to the back of the drawer until it’s socially acceptable to sling ‘em back on.

Detail collage

I posted a picture of this Penneys bomber jacket to my Instagram weeks ago, and it’s been a faithful sartorial companion ever since. The kind that needs no real thought or effort – it’s an “I just threw this bad boy on, wutchu gonna do?” kinda cool (ok, maybe just in my head). It looks weather appropriate too, an in-between seasons kind of cover-up (You know those trans-seasonal pieces they talk about in the magazines each Spring/Autumn? Yeah, we’re aaalways trans-seasonal here in Dublin – floral but warm is a prerequisite for summer dressing).

There are some great printed bomber jackets in the shops, and online, at the moment. They are the perfect mix of girly and cool, incorporating the sportswear trend that’s been coming back again and again, and there’s something for everyone’s taste in print. Feast your eyes below for some of my my favourites

Printed Bomber Jackets

12 and 3

I reeeally shouldn’t have done a shopping section in this post, now I need ALL THE JACKETS.




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