Right There in Black & White

*I’d originally posted this last week and it completely disappeared – enabling me to reach my first blogging milestone i.e a coronary wondering where the hell it went*

You’d be hard pressed to tear me away from my denims or a monochrome colour palette – combine the two and I’m set for life!

Black and White

Apologies for my windswept look in this photo – Beyonce with a wind machine, I am not! I’d been lusting after these Topshop Jamie jeans for so long, when I had the simplest of brainwaves – DUH, rip your own jeans Karen!!  So I picked up this pair from trusty aul Penneys for €8 and got busy with the scissors.  Not an exact replica of the Topshop pair but good enough for a trend that may or may not last.  I’ve found myself reaching for them when I’m in a wardrobe conundrum, which is at least once a week – wardrobe full of clothes, but nothing to wear – sound familiar to anyone?

Outfit details and lipstick

Boots – Boohoo // Sunglasses – H&M (Similar here) // Lipstick – Seventeen @ Boots

In my mind, an outfit is never complete without a swipe of lipstick.  I went with a dark pink, almost with a purple tint, making for a nice dark, vampy look – a nice change from the usual reds and corals.  I’m a big of Seventeen, a Boots own-brand, which has a great range of products as well as fantastic price points (when it comes to colour in particular, I think with some clever application, the cheaper brands can really stand up to the big boys of the make-up counter).  Being a bit of a collector of lipstick myself (as you’ll probably see over the course of my posts) the fact this one is just over a fiver, and has great staying power, makes it a very welcome addition to my stash.

These boots are another favourite and have been pretty much glued to my feet since I was gifted with them back in April as a birthday present (good job, boyfriend!).  I love the cut out detail and how clompy they are, both of which make them good ‘n trendy for Autumn/Winter 2014.  Boohoo have so many covetable styles, and a gal can never have too many pairs of black boots – enough to send even the most wary of online shoppers (i.e me!) scrambling for the credit card.



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